vlog | girlfriend reacts to my new bra, torrid haul & weight loss talk - we have reached a new low - 07/09/2020

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1 mention of Becky's knee at the beginning - a follow up a day or 2 later as to how the brace was working would have been 'nice' & a consideration of how Becky is feeling. Becky's knee 'makes her feel sad' - why are her feeling descriptors so childish? Every makes her sad or nervous - no possibility of complex, nuanced feelings.

"Clean house, clean mind"... claims that's her expression. Ditch it because obviously that's not the case.

In her rebranding video, she firmly stated she was no longer doing mukbangs, weigh ins or talking about health stuff as people use her words in a negative way against her, they make her a target & people make up conspiracies.

I submit she's removing any external accountability & her BEHAVIOUR will still make her a target. 'Conspiracies' arise out of her vague posting & outright contradictory statements from 1 video to the next.

She also said in that video she wanted to draw in a different audience. Tweens & young teens? Because honestly, her 'lifestyle' isn't remotely close to what functional adults occupy their time with. She claims some have told her they love her blogs because "she's just like a normal person". Again, that normality can be attributed to a very young person.

Her bedroom is beginning to look like that of a hoarder in the early stages of their hoarding 'career'. If she can't find places for all her bought stuff, time to stop buying... for normal people that is; who arguably would never have bought that much useless junk in the first place. Rather than try to buy cheap knockoffs of the accoutrements her social media idols may have, why not work on improving herself in the hopes that maybe some day, she can point to areas where she is a genuine influencer.

Nope, not stoned or drunk or delusional - purely rhetorical suggestion which she'll never take from anyone.
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She not doing Diets yet she working on her mind
I wonder which "friend" is working for that MLM jewelry company that Amber got that shit from. Their name starts with a D, R, or H.
Judging from the look of the jewelry, I’m guessing Rafe. Wasn’t Rafe also involved in some other MLM crap a while back? I’m highly suspicious of R&H suddenly being mentioned a lot.


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She said Becky has always had issues with her knee which doesn't surprise me since she's been over weight for a long time and it does a number on your knees to support that extra weight. It would explain why it's bothering her more than usual now too since she put on way more weight recently

It's sad to me too because Becky actually was losing weight and looking way better and then I'm sure Amber found a way to sabotage that

Also their new place is already being taken over by her hoarding lol

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“girlfriend reacts to my new bra”

Did she forget Becky’s name
Clickbait title. Tons of straight dudes are going to be incredibly disappointed after that click.
I have a question? When her vlog is shared on here, she doesn't benefit from the views does she lol
Not if you watch the archived version.

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I just watched a 30 year old woman giggling in amazement of her boobs looking normal in a bra

Becky likes the smell of damp and mould

The whole flat looks like a cluttered shit hole

The constant shrieking and cackling must be driving her neighbours mental

Amber looks like a melting wax Buddha sitting in the car


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Ok so...I understand and can relate to not having a mother growing up to show you female things like bras, but were 29 now. If you think about it, her mother was absent but she had ALOT of females around her growing up and into adulthood. How is it that she cannot grasp the simple concept of finding out your bra size. She acts like its a trial and error process of elimination when you just measure yourself! Also Becky is very butch but she knows this as well but just doesn't correct amber.

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I guess now we know that Eric and Rickie were doing the cleaning at the Montecillo cottage. They have been there just over one month and I suspect that an infestation of Kentucky finest critters is just around the corner.

For people who brought almost nothing during the move, the place has been filled with rubbish. She is showing profound hoarding tendencies. When she shows her hauls, she always talked about what she will use the objects. As an example, a while back, it was very obvious when she bought 6 or 7 planners, where she mentioned what they are for. We all know that she did not need more than one. She does it with journals, earings, and a lot of other rubbish, justifying their purchases. She buys stuff with future aspirations of use without ever acting on it. At least, at the Montecillo cottage, the place was bigger so the hoard was less obvious. Not so much for their apartment in Lexington, and it is going to get much worst. Of course, she is not going to get help for it.


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Wow, Amberlynn's narcism was pretty heavy in this video, idk why she has so many mirrors
Honestly, she always says she hates her body & herself, but that's obviously not the case

Anyways, I call this piece, "Amberlynn Reflecting Deeply"
fuq u guys, this is so raw!

amberlynn reflecting deeply.jpg

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