vlog | home goods haul & weight loss transformation- 09/02/20 - Already failing to rebrand

She is still giant. The "year and a half ago" pic looks like someone overinflated a balloon, but the "today" is still huge. And that weight gain was when she was on a "weight loss journey." She gained hundreds of pounds while trying to lose.

She sounds like Muttley when she laughs.
I don’t buy it that someone thought ALR has a real job.
Maybe they thought she was a sofa.


your local tranny hater
jesus, that thumbnail. "weightloss transformation" while your hand is still puffed like someone put a goddamn bike pump into it.

Becky says that the gross skittles taste like something "dead"... bitch, you guys eat enough dead chicken for a family of five daily :story:
well becky's basically amber's retarded son, are we sure she didn't get into the medicine cabinet?
-gorl really thinks shes americas next top whale with this intro huh?
-'they' are still sleeping on the couch. hope she really did pay it off bc god help the next person to buy it if it gets repossessed
-chantals videos are fucking painful but at least she uploads things longer that 15 mins
-she found some copyright free songs like we give a shit
-she knows her intro is like so cringy you guys she doesnt totally love herself
-she forced herself to get up 'early' today
-shes having EGGS so much for her allergy
-she bought a set of pink pans that she will only use this one time
-eggs, carrots, apples, and hummus with her 'everything but the bagel' seasoning
-that one plate will totally fill her up (along with the 3 others she had after this)
-becky spergs about skittles but shes not that into them
-they got 'zombie skittles' which are apparently a rip off of bertie botts every flavor beans. a fact that out super harry potter fan doesnt think of
-she got a skittle that tasted like something dead so its probably like ambers cooking
-theyre going to homegoods
0shes so fucking stupid she makes it as obvious as possible that shes using her seatbelt but then cuts before we can hear it click. we know youre just tucking it you fucking behemoth
-shes doing the 'beat your SO with your purse' tiktok so becky probably got pelted by like 6 notebooks
-they got to homegoods an hour before it closed what happened to getting up early booboo?
-shes obsessed with a chair she spots 6 feet from the door and could never fit in
-another damn fake plant
-shes like totally obsessed
-huffing and puffing in her xxxxxxl mask
-someone asked if she worked there which is weird bc she def doesnt look like a contributing member of society
-her PELVIC is gonna hurt from all that walking
-"#recovery" this cow
-a bunch of resonders came for a girl that passed up and shes midway through saying shes in their thoughts when she interrupts to talk about how shes finally getting a new bra after 15 years
-she doesnt show the girl being wheeled out which is more consideration than shes ever given anyone she knows in real life
-"bolth" "she came scrolling over"
-she asked how big a rug was and didnt understand the answer
-theyre getting a rug to stain
-she was too exhausted from shopping to show us what she got
-someone totally requested for her to try on something that used to not fit and now does which is dumb bc nothing shes ever had has fit properly
-ill give her this, her ass shelf is a bit smaller in her before and after pic
-becky is building her a drawer which is a long way from tracing anime boys so
-she was definitely going to show us outside if ONLY someone wasnt mowing!
-shes got 8000 plastic succulents
-she cant figure out how to put them in pots
-a cat bed situation
-some stupid mirror table bc she loves to look at herself
-and ANOTHER mirror thing
-AKSHULLY she cried over this art
-god poor twinkie
-they got another fucking pillow
-becky got her usual 90s nick merch and some more art supplies
-she got sushi and im mad cuz it looks pretty good
-she doesnt like octopus but i bet anything she finished it anyway
-well its a good thing this rebranded content is so much different than her old stuff! i was worried