vlog | huge grocery haul, emotional day, & childhood photos - 10/3/2020 -


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Becky holding back tears while amberlynn seems to find something amusing about that. What is it fatty let us in on the joke you sick fuck.
It's Amber being smug because her mother is the last one standing. Nice shot of her ballsack chin, too, really completes the look.

I'm surprised at the toothpaste Amber's been getting, you'd think she'd be more into something like these if she's actually eating it:

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Bartender? Make that a double.
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She might want to get out of the apartment but not have the stamina to get in and out of the car multiple times. Chalk it up to any combination of: fat/lazy/out of shape
The more time she spends in the car, the faster the car will eventually break down, and then we can watch her shop for a SUV or a minivan or whatever it is the mobile fats on MSHPL use.
They use this.

mythical mother

I didn't even know that pre-cooked ypasta existed until now.
It’s generally frozen or in the refrigerated section near the shredded cheese. The only time it’s good is for something like tortellini or pasta that you’d have to take a lot of time to make from scratch.
There is absolutely zero excuse to substitute any other kind of pasta. Hell, if she’s that lazy, she could make angel hair in less time. You don’t even have to get the water all the way to a boil and it finishes cooking in 4 minutes. I doubt she can wait that long to inhale her food, honestly.


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She was born in the 90’s. Why do these pictures look like they’re from the 70’s/80’s? Oh, white trash, I forgot.

She was born in 1990. I doubt her family could afford the latest kitchen/appliances/furniture and probably had an older camera.

more toothpaste???? Again?? I swear she just bought some

She's definitely the kind of person who squeezes the middle of the tube and then throws it out even though the bottom of the tube is still full of toothpaste.

behavioral swamp thang

preparing to TRANNYPORT in 3..2..1..
She's complaining about the grocery store clerk putting her stuff in plastic bags, when she brought reusable ones. In my state, employees aren't allowed to touch your reusable bags because of coronavirus, you have to bag your own groceries in that case.
My local grocery stores lets you use reusable bags, but you have to pack the items yourself or use self checkout. Which lezbereel, ALR wouldn't do.