vlog | huge grocery haul, emotional day, & childhood photos - 10/3/2020 -


Be afraid of who you are.
I agree that it's really fucking sad she was destroyed from the age of being a toddler. She had no chance. Those pictures made me feel absolutely horrified. She was a kid back then that had no choice in how she was raised. She arrived in this world as a blank slate and she was wrecked for the crime of being a child of two irresponsible parents. Through Amber's story we understand that we cannot control our childhood programming... but we can control the upgrades. Amber is nearly 30 and is still eating her problems away. Amber is too afraid to process everything she's stacking away under the hundreds of pounds of fat she hauls around. Her body is a physical manifestation of her ruined psychology, Consumerism in the fashion of food and hoarding is how she self medicates. She has no idea how to cope with herself without those two things and someone else to enable it.

It's fucking sad but we all have choices when we leave the guardianship of our parents. Introspection and control of ourselves is essential if we want to live a happy and fulfilling life with healthy relationships. If we don't solve the burdens given to us when we were vulnerable, they will continue to destroy us. I hope her mother dies with the horror of creating Amber Lynn through being unable to sort her own shit out and passing it to her child. She created the blueprint for Amber's life, and Amber has fulfilled it because she's too afraid of herself and what she feels when she can't consume. Amber should feel the same level of horror at this point at what happens when you are ruled by trauma and blame everything except yourself for how you turn out in the end... but it's too late for her to salvage herself. All she knows is what she does now and that's more comfortable than therapy.

mythical mother

How so? No two people have the exact same combination of symptoms and/or severity of those symptoms. I don’t think OP meant this literally, as in the definition of Bipolar is different for everyone. I think they just meant it affects people differently (as in not identically, yet still similarly of course) due to many different reasons, which is true for every illness.

I don’t remember if Necky was also “diagnosed” (I use that term very lightly here) as bipolar when Hamber (and Kermit?) were, but either way, I have never seen any behaviour from Necky (or Kermit for that matter) that would even remotely suggest that they are bipolar. Frankly, I don’t believe Hamber actually is either. The only behaviour of hers that somewhat fits that diagnosis is when she goes on manic shopping sprees and angry rants on Snapchat/Twatter for hours or days at a time. However, that alone would not be enough to consider her bipolar. It is very possible that there is much we haven’t seen of their complete personalities that would suggest otherwise, but not having seen so after all these years makes me highly doubt that possibility.

I don’t know why some farmers here get mad when someone says hamber basically had no chance of a healthy, well adjusted life from the start. This is made evident by those unfortunate childhood photos. Pointing this out does not imply she is being, or should be, let off the hook for her nastiness. And as someone mentioned, it’s very easy to point out everything someone has done wrong in their life and provide solutions when you’re on the outside looking in. It’s unrealistic. If it were that easy for people to modify their behaviour for the better, the world would be a lot different. This bitch had no positive guidance and was like a feral. I think some expectations of her are far too high and ultimately unattainable.
Yes, that is definitely what I was implying. Thank you for clarification. I get on these rants and it just ends up on the screen the same way it sounded in my head sometimes lol


Not enough fatties to watch.
Too much real talk lately so to any new lurkers, let's all remind ourselves: we don't hate Hamber because she's fat. We hate her because she's a narc, a waste of space on this planet, one of the worst YouTube personalities, and an animal abuser. We would not have sex with her.

But, her being fat is hella entertaining.