vlog | mini living room tour, not changing for anyone, & book haul- 09/04/20 -


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@fvckm3 beat me to it lol but here are some more arms
She could probably kill someone with those.
Also, some “cleavage” for you deviants.

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Her moon landing conspiracy makes an appearance again for some reason, because she believes every conspiracy theory she sees online. Flat earth, moon landing, etc. I blame Shane Dawson.
What about the one that says feminism and LGBTQism is promoted by the satanic oligarchs to destroy the family and increase the populace's dependence on the State?

I still haven't read Libido Dominandi...


amber mentioned how she's seen people making comments about her arms lol
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Bruh... your arm flaps are fuckin huge.
i think most people are in awe on how they dwarf your head
this is an actual screen shot from her video but it looks shopped because that's how bizarre they look

shitty amber art inspired by our gorl
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Then she ended the clip with:
"I won't feel anymore shame than I already am feeling!"
"they are a lot smaller than they used to be!"

She is absolutely a delusional smug POS, even more so after this cancer saga. It would be a rude awkening for anyone else to notice that your arms are 3x's in size, compared to the average women.

You'd think after the cancer scare, you'd take into consideration people's words about getting your life together, but she doing the exact opposite.

She is 100% a lolcow, anyone who has doubts need to reevaluate who you're watching, because she does not want change, just look, she already believes she'd won the battle with herself and transformed into a better person.
just gonna throw this in, it's one of the "poems" from trisha paytas' books that amber bought some time ago

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if this is the type of shit that she reads i wont even bother checking what she's reading now

r.h. sin's poetry is, unsurprisingly, insta poetry. sounds perfect for people with cluster b personality disorders. At least it's slightly better than Trisha's.



baby amber
Becky is just an empty shell of what used to be a person, her life consists of Amberlynn, memories of the 90s, and video games for pre-teens. I wonder what Amberlynn will do after she finds herself a new gf and has to dispose of her, what will become of that oversized, walking, talking, ragdoll?

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7+ weeks after her surgery? It's not 'epidural' pain. It's fat & laziness pain.

Yup - she's gaining again. Her upper arms are still sagging but considerably less than they were before she started triumphantly telling us over & over again about losing close to 90 lbs.

Still stuck reading the YA genre, I see. Dean Koontz can be fun reading... just as long as she doesn't confuse any of his stuff for serious reading.

Her blatant contempt for any critical comment shows in the snarky voice she puts on as she tells us about comments she's had, asking why they don't decorate the place together. Her answer was valid enough; not both members of any couple are into attempts at decor. That tone was I think, brought on by many of the more serious critiques increasingly showing up in her uploads.

As to her decor, the place is starting to look really cluttered & although I'm getting a slight 80s vibe, the overall look screams unplanned & tacky. She's simply buying stuff her eyes are attracted to, then trying to force it into some kind of overall plan. I guess she's never learned that you can like & admire something without having to buy it.

It's taking longer each video for her view numbers to climb & comments are increasingly more critical. She might want to re-examine her content.
Yes! I had been hoping for “skinny legend Amber” to come out and peacock her narcissistic ass. Though I don’t know exactly the metric to judge cringe vs luls. I think she is in a honeymoon phase with her new apartment. Soon it will barely contain the hoard like the fupa of it's renter.
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Is Kentucky one of those places you see on the telly where you can’t buy fresh produce? A food desert?
This video shows them in a shopping center with Starbucks and a Wholefoods. Lexington is definitely not a food desert. Amber has everything she could ever want there foodwise. Unless she changes her ways, (yeah right), she's bound to gain and gain big now that she has all of that take out at her fingertips.


It's taking longer each video for her view numbers to climb & comments are increasingly more critical. She might want to re-examine her content.
Actually, I don’t think this true anymore.
Her views are actually increasing ever since her video, ‘Here’s your proof’. She got exactly what she wanted with that video, and it was to stur up hate and controversy to keep people coming back.

Video views before ‘Here’s your Proof’

Video views after ‘Here’s your proof’


Sigh, I was looking forward to a decline in income, views, because it would make for some better content than this shit. (:_(

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