vlog | mini living room tour, not changing for anyone, & book haul- 09/04/20 -

I gotta be honest, fam. The funniest part about the pandemic is seeing fat people tryna where masks. The mask is so stretched out over their giant ugly fat faces. Gives me the gig-gigs.

The freezer is a standard freezer. It is enough for the average family that lives in a two bedroom apartment. How much frozen garbage do she need? It is not like she needs frozen anything. She does nothing. She can buy a potato and mash it up. Fat Ambert is not dealing with a busy schedule. She has all the time in the world to make real food.
To be honest, this is the only takeaway I got from the video:
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You could so easily post this with a caption like "my teenage cousin with down syndrome is having a rough time with chemo, so I bought him a guitar hero to cheer him up" for loads of reddit points.

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Guys ever since I got this new book I feel so strangely powerful. I can feel the power coursing through me every time I hold it.

It speaks to me...
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I also got worried seeing Becky holding a drink while driving in addition to Amber distracting her while she's trying to drive just to get her to try her drink. I'm just waiting for these fat fucks to hit and injure someone at this point

If Becky got in an accident and that resulted in a lawsuit, that would be an exceptionally entertaining saga since AL would no doubt be presenting her side of the story on YT, all while various legal documents were being filed with the court (available online for all to see) contradicting everything she's saying. Her submitting to a deposition by an attorney would be a glorious thing to read. LitigationLynn! Legally Amber!


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i finally finished the Video...had to take several breaks through it...i don t know why i am not able to watch it in one Go...it just make s me in some Moments so angry...
it already started how Amber forcing Becky to talk about her Mask not fitting, through all the goofy way of talking with Peace Sign s and half Ass Duck-faces she did...urgh...it s so hard to watch....
there was especially one Thing that made me kind of upset, when she talked about her spinal Pain today...i have personal experience about getting real Spinal Damage when i had a C Section and my Spinal Fluids were leaking for almost 4 Weeks...it not only resulted in the Worst Headache that u can imagine but also that i got permanently paralyzed from the Waist down...
so to hear her Complain and see her walking around and stuff...made me want to just slap her Face with a humongous Dildo >.<
@fvckm3 beat me to it lol but here are some more arms
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She could probably kill someone with those.
Also, some “cleavage” for you deviants.
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wow her arms from shoulder to elbow are wider than they are long. that's quite the feat!

and on her viewership and income, wouldn't it be down seeing as she's only posting a videos every other day? so maybe 250k views in a week, compared to the 350k or so when she was uploading every day?
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Amber was given a second chance to be free of cancer to get her life right..a chance some of us would love to have and she spat in the face of her surgeon, nurses ,oncologists And her girlfriends family and her supposed best friends family who would kill to have their mothers get this chance they never got. Fuck her only reason she got the cancer out was so she didn’t have to lose her appetite from chemo. She disgusts me.
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Well, she told us that she wanted to show us her life. Unfortunately, their lives consist of going shopping to buy rubbish and going to eat. The rest of the day, they either watch TV or play video games. How long will she keep up with this rubbish? Are we forever stuck with having them doing hauls and going to Starbucks?

Most 29-year-old women that I know are having a career, taking care of children, meeting friends after work and maybe go to a party on the weekend. Their grandparents are the one that goes shopping and goes out to eat. Both their lives are devoid of anything interesting. Lexington looks like an interesting place to visit, why don't they?

Eh, I don’t think it’s their life that is that bad, I think it’s the fact that they film it as “entertainment”. Also, if they worked, things wouldn’t be so monotonous.

Plenty of people are homebodies. Plenty of people would rather stay at home and play video games and only go out a couple times a week. Hell, most people I know have the same lifestyle as Al and Becky now that we’ve all grown past the party stage. People have gotten married, had kids, have jobs and just don’t have a huge social life anymore. But the thing is,
none of them are monetizing being a normal 30 year old and even if they were, they wouldn’t be dependent on it.

AL’s literal job is being a homebody. Even seeing someone “average” who has a job or home business would be more interesting to watch. They also wouldn’t have to troll and click bait because their entire livelihood wouldn’t be dependent on views. Another thing is that most people can break their routine if they want to. They can decide to go for a hike, they can book tickets for a vacation to somewhere cool, they can take up a new hobby. Most people can decide to do something more entertaining, especially if they have Adsense money as an extra source of income. There are plenty of “normal” people who have successful channels.

BigAl doersn’t understand the she doesn’t have those choices and therefore she isn’t as “normal” as she thinks she is. It’s like personality dysmorphia, that’s the only way I can describe it. She doesn’t realize that she isn’t the average person and her viewers are only gonna watch her being stuck in the same old routine for so long. It’s like she’s uploaded the same video every day for the last decade.


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This video shows them in a shopping center with Starbucks and a Wholefoods. Lexington is definitely not a food desert. Amber has everything she could ever want there foodwise. Unless she changes her ways, (yeah right), she's bound to gain and gain big now that she has all of that take out at her fingertips.
Lexington is a very decent city and has lots to offer. Honestly, she could even find way healthier food to have delivered, but she insists on going with chains.

Not changing for anyone including herself, obviously. No sacrificing her binge eating to gain decades of life. "Healthy at any size!" Okay, tubbo. Enjoy your heart exploding.
She’s not changing until she sees something new from learning to be fearless or other youtubers she wants to be, then she will change slightly to try to be a wannabe version of them.
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