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Dead Gorl Waddling
Or, ALHAZARED! GREATH! GREATH! Has anyone played the Dunwich Building in Fallout 3? That’s what it sounds like.
Amber doesn't deserve Dunwich Horror, she would just die. I wonder what Lovecraft would would think of her?

...or as a roomate
In California she wouldn't even be a roommate. My last one wanted eye candy. A glorified gym bunny who is always up for a afternoon hike. Good luck Hamber... they want a active person, not someone who needs helping their ass being cleaned. She would never make it in California

wow her arms from shoulder to elbow are wider than they are long. that's quite the feat!

and on her viewership and income, wouldn't it be down seeing as she's only posting a videos every other day? so maybe 250k views in a week, compared to the 350k or so when she was uploading every day?
As far as I'm concerned I'm okay with Amber making money. The social security account is severely limited and I'd rather Amber eat herself to death on AdSense and hopefully die in her sleep (ironically what Amber is hoping for considering she has no CPAP mask for) instead of running up tens of thousands in Medicaid bills. I'm just saying.

Tap a tea o



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She is going to do either 2 of the following;

1) Chimp out and say something super incendiary to garner views and get like 200k. Fuck the Dean Koontz thing is from here nowhere else, so we know the bitch is reading here tons. She is going to bait HARD and I mean FUCKING HARD.
2) Re-brand the re-brand her views are dire atm remember you have to remember she was uploading 5 times to 7 times getting 70k average she got 250k this week I added on the average to this video which is 85k. She is going to get less than a million on this course and needs WAY more than that also the amount using ad-block etc.

I thought she would have about 100k a video when she separates them out but damn they are sinking hard and the whale is spending about 2k a week of what we know but she is ordering out and food shopping daily which is crazy and No way is she getting 8k from 1 million estimated views.

I look forward to the tantrum because Amber trying to remain relevance is sad yet hilarious.

Turd Fergusson

Eh, I don’t think it’s their life that is that bad, I think it’s the fact that they film it as “entertainment”. Also, if they worked, things wouldn’t be so monotonous.

Plenty of people are homebodies. Plenty of people would rather stay at home and play video games and only go out a couple times a week. Hell, most people I know have the same lifestyle as Al and Becky now that we’ve all grown past the party stage. People have gotten married, had kids, have jobs and just don’t have a huge social life anymore. But the thing is,
none of them are monetizing being a normal 30 year old and even if they were, they wouldn’t be dependent on it.

AL’s literal job is being a homebody. Even seeing someone “average” who has a job or home business would be more interesting to watch. They also wouldn’t have to troll and click bait because their entire livelihood wouldn’t be dependent on views. Another thing is that most people can break their routine if they want to. They can decide to go for a hike, they can book tickets for a vacation to somewhere cool, they can take up a new hobby. Most people can decide to do something more entertaining, especially if they have Adsense money as an extra source of income. There are plenty of “normal” people who have successful channels.

BigAl doersn’t understand the she doesn’t have those choices and therefore she isn’t as “normal” as she thinks she is. It’s like personality dysmorphia, that’s the only way I can describe it. She doesn’t realize that she isn’t the average person and her viewers are only gonna watch her being stuck in the same old routine for so long. It’s like she’s uploaded the same video every day for the last decade.
I agree with your analysis. Most people's life is monotonous but there is nothing wrong with this. Only celebrities, high power people have lives that are exciting all the time, and it is likely very exhausting. Anyone taking a 2-3 weeks holiday could attest that regardless of how great the holiday was, they are happy to fall back to their regular routine. However, as you said, they are not posting it on YT. People started to watch her not for her lifestyle and daily activities, but for her weight loss programme and her health. The cancer saga was just an interlude. She has the propensity to think that her life is interesting, that she is quirky. In reality, she is not interesting and a bit cringy, and having no discussion on the weight loss and health makes it more so.

How long can she carry her channel this way? We do not know but her health has been declining for a while. I suspect another crisis will happen sooner or later. She has her appointment with the weight loss doctor in a few days, but she already saying that she is not changing for anyone, so I suspect that we are not going to see any change in her attitude. If cancer had not changed her attitude, I do not know what will.


Yeah I think personally diabetes or a heart attack. We know from the dox that she has hypertension so either a heart attack or a stroke is inbound. I am more akin to think that because her sedate lifestyle a stroke. A stroke would incapacitate her, her mobility would be beyond fucked. Cooking with Jack was stunned for months Amber I think due to her poor respiratory system might die as a lot of her bodies resources would concentrate on breathing and the heart would struggle hard.

I even thought she would have a turn to the cancer so many people in her vicinity were wiped by it but apparently that is the not the limit. A doctor especially a city doctor because she is going to test their patience. They tend to be a one shot deal too. Its wild lol.

I looked over some vlogs to compare and the contrast is hilarious.


It's the arm picture that disturbs me the most. I mean, you can clearly see where the arm flesh SHOULD end, based on basic human anatomy. I keep finding that I'm putting my thumb over part of the picture to see where "normal" ends and "freakshow" begins, kinda like this:


... and then we're back to reality.


Keyboard Warrior

Do you guys think when tons of people defend Becky in the comments, Amber gets nastier off-screen? I sometimes wonder about that, especially when I see comments with 200+ likes that say for example: "becky if you’re reading this... just leave. you can do it. you owe this awful woman nothing." 🤔

It would be great if just ONCE, Becky could break out of her Pavlovian conditioning and bite back. Kinda like Peetz does on occasion with Chantal and it's refreshing because everyone's thinking it, but he's the only one in a position to say it.

Becky should take a page out of Amber's book and be just as cunning. Say something revealing that only she could know, but say it loud, confidently and with a smile. Then, and this is very important Becky if you're reading here---make sure to lovebomb her afterwards, so she's confused out of her mind.

This approach accomplishes a couple things:

1. It reminds Amber--in a subtle way--that her partner has some power here as well.


2. If Becky's consistent enough in covertly shaming her publicly, then Amber learns where healthy boundaries lie, and is now put on notice, that if she dishes it, she better be prepared to take it.

(Spoiler: She can't!)

Think about how affectionate and grossly-sexual Amber's last relationship was. And she was dating a 13 year-old boy sloth. What could she have possibly been attracted to? I bet 100% it was the fact that Destiny didn't put up with her bullshit and frequently called her out on it. Amber respects and is attracted to assertive people that aren't afraid to stand up for themselves. A quality Becky lacks entirely.

Honestly, this is sage advice for anyone in an emotionally-abusive relationship: If you can't respect yourself to get out entirely, then you need to flip the script because it's the only way to reclaim any power with people like this. Setting yourself on fire to keep another person warm is not love.