vlog |opening up about my body, soup recipe & grocery haul- 09/16/20 -


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Jesus... is it not already hard enough to wipe herself without having those things in the way?
That's cute. You think she wipes herself? I know who has the job covered.
Word of the day: P E N D U L O U S
>tfw your bingo wings are bigger than your titties
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We are going to be having a vegetable soup.
Proceeds with throwing roughly 2lbs of beef in a pan.
I know.... and it looked disgusting - Minced beef soup

also.... many people do not realise how much weight they have gained until they see themselves in a photo or film. It is normal, it is not a serious mental health disorder. If she had body dis morphia she would be convinced she was skinny despite ALL evidence to the contrary

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Like a giant dildo crushing the sun
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These spot the difference games are getting harder and harder!
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I haven't done one of these in a while...
  • hi guyz
  • bad day :(
  • importin appointmen!!!
  • beck-ee tired 2
  • takeen nap POINT BLANK PERIOD
  • beck-ee has appointmin
  • appointmin centrul
  • sleepeen in beck-ee's room!!
  • yus
  • loooooooong nap
  • like 4 hours
  • today is just idk
  • author's note: holy fucking shit, her underarms are PENDULOUS (i need to make a gif)
  • i started my day at 5:30pm instead of 5pm, EVERYTHING IS WRONG
  • been using the "guest" bedroom to sleep
  • might be turn that bedroom to ours
  • master will be guest bedroom/makeup hoard
  • i have to piss
  • haul moment
  • makeen soup
  • pms bath bombs (for beck-ee of course, old gorl got her cunt scooped clean. amberlynn's biannual periods are now over)
  • face protector for beck-ee
  • more canned sodium bombs formerly known as "vegetables"
  • wet and wild lisstick in matt
  • 1230233 number
  • cute little ghost statchew
  • tamaters
  • corn tortilla
  • lemunaids
  • shredid cheese
  • lettis
  • free-does
  • ground beefs, i prefer meat not in tubes!!!!!!!
  • some ritz
  • takis
  • caramel apples
  • beck-ee got more plaid (of fucking course, what else do we expect from a bull dagger diesel dyke)
  • momma shows off her son's art
  • did an 11 year old make that?
  • BECKY DOES NOT TRACE!!!!!!!!!1
  • beck-ee wants ambur to create a list of cartoon characters for her to draw
  • therapeutic for beck-ee!!
  • calming effet
  • mah characters
  • luv mah bathroom lighteen
  • my hair is not in it to win it
  • characters: betty boop, lady, ariel, casper, eep, mah carnivore, debby thornberry
  • "I think it is so cute that Becky enjoys what she enjoys" the most subtle condescension lmao
  • beck-ee is a very giving persin
  • hi this is becky
  • today we are making vegetable soup without those gross vegetables
  • fry your meat
  • i put this, this, this, this, this, this
  • cut to eight cans of "vegetables"
  • i eat mah soup with ritz crackers
  • amberlynn puts fritos in her soup
  • "the tomatoes are collecting on the top"
  • beck-ee's clothes do not fit :(
  • people complimented my nells!!
  • soak your fingers in acetone "nail polish"
  • dump the whole bottle into a drinking glass and dip your baseball mitts into the glass
  • that glue y'all worked like an actual charm
  • the beast moans as she removes her fingers
  • im a free womun
  • people dont think i shower!!!
  • i feel body dysmorphia
  • i feel smaller than what i really am
  • i look bigger than i feel
  • numbers are ONLY numbers
  • i dont notice my waddleen or mah slow walk
  • curvy comment: "elephant" "leg" in ee-moe-jees
  • i was thinkeen the same thing!!

Here is the soup:
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I could have sworn Amber has made something similar in the past:
Is that the infamous pic of her vaginal dumplings? That was supposed to say dumpings haha. I never saw the original, are those turds, clots or both? I'm so disturbed someone would show that, Christ


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Wow, home cooked soup--go Thumby. Until you see it, of course, and realize the Thumb has been reading FatAl's recipe book of "home cooked" slop. Way to add more salt to your sodium soup with fuckin' fritos Al. Keel over already, would ya.

She has mirrors in her Walmart home goods department apartment, she eye fucks herself constantly, she knows just how fat she is (check out the "I see what you see" video) She just wants to self diagnose with another responsibility dodging mentalz problem. When you get to the point of having ankle balls, you KNOW you have a problem.
Stupid sow.


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Becky picks out a 6k bed and not only can she not sleep on it, but now it will be the guest bed??? Like wtf?
If she says “it is what it is” one more time 🙄
And... canned potatoes again... I just don’t get it! They are NASTY and potatoes would cook in the soup so they really can’t buy fresh potatoes and just wash and cut them?


I’ve never heard of a “vegetable soup” with no fresh vegetables in it what the fuck 💀And Becky’s muffin top in those jeans, Jesus Christ. Also Amber basically admitted that Becky doesn’t wash the cloth face mask she’s been wearing every time she leaves the house to run Fat Al’s errands, yikes.

Hmmm maybe it would be a good idea for Hamber to see a therapist about her body dysmorphia and binge eating disorder?? Wait that don’t even sound right

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She has mirrors in her Walmart home goods department apartment, she eye fucks herself constantly, she knows just how fat she is (check out the "I see what you see" video) She just wants to self diagnose with another responsibility dodging mentalz problem. When you get to the point of having ankle balls, you KNOW you have a problem.
Stupid sow.
She is looking for a way out if the appointment with the WLS doctor does not go as she hopes for. That doctor will likely be telling her to cut on fast food, restaurants and go on a low calory diet. As soon as she hears this, the doctor's plan will go out the window, stating that she can't go on his/her diet because of body dysmorphia, binge eating disorder and PTSD. We will never hear about that doctor again. She will claim that she knows what works for her and will start either WW again or intuitive eating. The cycle will start again. Maybe she will bring back Operation Curvycaloriies III. I hope it will be presented in her Patreon.

Edit: I see that she is not wearing her seatbelt on this vlog.

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ShallowHalLynn and the struggles of self-diagnosed reverse body dysmorphia:

While I don't think she actually believes this bullshit lie, I will grant that she owns quite a few mirrors. But that can be better explained by her narcissism and not necessarily indicative of someone that looks in the mirror and sees Gweneth Paltrow in place of 💩.

There is actually something called Muscle Dysmorphia, which is characterized by an exaggerated belief that one's body is too skinny or "insufficiently muscular." But it appears to disproportionately affect males (particularly those involved in highly-competitive sports).

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I know her gargantuan arms aren't something new, but Jesus Christ, every time she shows them in her videos it feels like it's something we see for the first time because of how horrifying they are

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And was this scratch mark on her face before? I wouldn't be surprised if it's because of those stupid fucking nails

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Jeepers, Amber. Your skin looks like day-old oatmeal.

Re: the famous 6K bed. I always assumed it was a hospital bed or at least adjustable. But just a plain old flat mattress?
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I would agree that she has body dysmorphic disorder. She sees herself as a slightly chubby, beautiful girl. Not a 600lbs festering behemoth that we all see.

And that's the point. To her, she is absolutely stunningly beautiful that only has a few extra pounds to lose. She really cannot see what a total a utter mess she is, in every single aspect of her life. What was that facebook message she sent to some guy? Something like...