vlog | plus size hot topic haul, beckys first tattoo, & doing my nails - 9/11/2020

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Archive (360p):

Highlight of the video: The clotbeast lectures us on the quality of TV dinners and how "I know they have a bad rep, but, they aren't all bad. I know how to pronounce all of the ingredients."
She then miserably fails to pronounce the word "tamarind" (tam-mah-rinn-d) as tom-ma-rin-duh.
:story: :story: :story:
Never change you fantastic beast.

ETA: Hammy is excited to do her nells.
Et voila!
Poor thumb (Not Becky).

The picture of beauty: jaundiced skin, sunken eyes, thinning hair, the never-healing-sores, nasolabial wart, decaying teeth, acanthosis nigricans induced by insulin resistance garnished with crooked nells.
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Destroy the architecture...
The constant squealing and giggling 🙄 such a time filler.

so she’s “scared” to sleep on the new bed.. so she now has a $6000 stand for all her junk... way to throw the $$$ Amber..

She mentions the “J” word, but “doesn’t want to talk about it... why the hell bring it up then because people are going to talk about something even if she says she knows.. and how hard would it be to like quickly say “I’m going to talk to the doctor about it”. Too much for her I guess. Maybe she will just avoid it like it doesn’t exist.


Did Norma like daisies or... is it just that shes pushing up daisies?

I like tattoos but damn they require a lot of thought and you have to get a cool or unique one or a cool design, and not everybody can have that.
Becky said that it was Norma's favourite flower.

I like how AL couldn't be there with Becky but she definitely wanted to and it's such shame she couldn't...