vlog | plus size hot topic haul, beckys first tattoo, & doing my nails - 9/11/2020


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Wouldn't be surprised if she's in the beginning stages of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
And the thing is- it's inevitable for her to have non alcoholic fatty liver. She's been super morbidly obese all her life. It's been slowly getting larger and larger throughout her 30 years.
She has to be in the worsening stages of it. For her to be jaundiced. It takes a good many years to develop the symptoms she has now.
Bad liver saga coming up.


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I cant wait for AL to demand Necks to get a tatoo of her
Ima gunna start cryin hold on
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Shut the fuck up
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It seems like amber blew a bunch of money to be a youtuber like james charles or Trisha and have a glam apartment and bedroom but is too lazy to move the shit off the bed. Shes now back in a replica of the dim monticello bedroom complete with a bed on the floor and posters because she honestly is more accustomed to that but won't admit it. Look at the bedding around her even, it's just like the old room.

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you can take the gorl out of the trailer park...


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Still, one would think they would remove the body instead of leaving it there to rot.
This is so underrated that i have committed a thread sin. Forgive me. Don't forgive me. Idgaf, but all hail this masterpiece.

And how do you do fancy press-ons with glitter and not even try to look at least clean everywhere else? I know, what do I expect? Fill in your brows, use a little lavender tinted face powder or primer. You don't HAVE to look jaundiced. Get a fucking ring light ffs.

Also, that tattoo. A daisy is kindergarten level drawing. Becky draws better than tha..oh wait, not really.