vlog | target plus size try on haul, chic fil a kale salad taste test, & closet tour 10/1/2020 -


High fuctioning owltistic
Video was fucking boring. Few highlights:

-Talks about how she sorts her closet. Proudly shows off her mumus and knockoff designer bags.

-Becky makes a guest appearance and looks like a special needs child. At least she has more personality than our gorl.

-Amber is out of the shower with her wet hair and is looking ROUGH. Twinkie looks fucking sad. Seeing her munching on a small salad from Chick-Fil-A while in a mumu is peak irony.

-Complains about how her bra keeps getting exposed. I'm sure it's not because your clothes aren't at all ill-fitting.

-More shitty Halloween tat from Walmart. Claims she budgets. :story:

-More fucking fatty clothes haul. 4x fits well on her gunt! She won't fit in them eventually, so more hand me downs for Dana!

-Uncultured white swine eating substandard ramen with a fork. I guess chopsticks require too much dexterity with your gross sausage fingers. Claims eating out during the Rona freaks her out, despite hanging out with the Gays in public settings.

-Talks about her obnoxious, cunty curvy comment. Yes, the cunt treats it as a joke, and she will die at 40.

Billie Ross

What tha flying fuck is going on with her hair/scalp situation???



I got stuck in watching AL waste her life in a very meaningles, hedonistic and masochistic way.
I wish she would change but I do not waste energy with this.
Becky is a very sad case. She was manipulated into being a servant. She is loosing her independence day by day, bouth financialy and emotionaly. I see her childish hobbys as a coping mechanism, she can not admit her life is meaningles and prefers to regress to games and comics. If she found the right person she could have lifted herself up so easily.
I know I am old fashion, but Becky s mother should have told her to get away from AL.

Thumb Dumpster

This video is like a Greatest Hits of boring shit she does/says:

- "So...random: blur blur blur." Talking about something boring that is of absolutely no interest
to anyone.

- Talking about a stupid fucking thing she does: "I have to do X because of (drawn out) y" or
variation thereof.

- Showing off another intellectually bankrupt good feel book for idiots.

- Spending way too much money on dumb garbage made by Chinese kids.

- Looking like a rotting squash showing off her deformed body and flapping her arms around
because she doesn't know what to do with them.

- Acting like a benign and common food is some kind of mysterious relic she just dug out
of her fupa and she's being a trail blazer by eating it on camera. Then saying she's nervous
about eating whatever it is.

- Saying she's excited about eating food. I'd be excited about eating food if I'd been lost in
the woods for days or it was a particular treat. Otherwise I just eat my food. Urine coloured ramen doesn't
tick those boxes.

behavioral swamp thang

preparing to TRANNYPORT in 3..2..1..
Well, she says her hair isn't thinning, but those of us with functioning eyeballs can see that it is.

Hair isn't thining? Sure, Jan. She needs to cut off at least a foot. Long hair on death fat disgusts me. I imagine all the stray hairs getting caught in their folds.

Fandom Trash

Will dance for candy corns
I just don't fucking get it. Where is getting all this money? Does she have a feeder sugar daddy on the side and somehow has been able to never mention it in video (which is amazing when it comes to Amberlynn).

She spends soooo much useless crap on Halloween goods. Its not like she's going to display them in her apartment or outside, they all are going to be in her room on the bed gathering dust for years. And she's obviously going to buy more next year because she has the memory of a goldfish.

And christmas is only a few months a way so she's definitely going to buy a shit to of stuff. I'm seriously believe that Amber is really planning to die via fast food heart attack or something and is living each day like its her last. Unbelievable.


disgusting pig that keeps posting later and later hoping there won't be as many comments plus deleting deleting deleting . i'm sick of he smug face and attitude I didn't vlog because I didn't feel like it when is her shitty attitude and lies going to catch up with her and sink her channel and stop her from making money while sitting on her fat ass. I could swear she ate kale in one of her other vlogs. I like becky let her do all the vlog I do think she is using becky in them more because she knows people like her and she needs the views
Target’s fat clothing is made for reasonably proportioned fatties (as they only go up to a size 26W in pants, even online), and not for the behemoths like Hamber that stretch the ever living shit out of every fiber of clothing.

And no shit are the sweaters short... they’re suppose to fall at the hip, not past the gunt!

There’s no way we see her wear any of those items again... even the stretchy rayon/spandex orange tee or animal print tank. They still clung to every one of her misshapen ground turkey tube meat rolls.

Edit: AL’s short but her gunt isn’t...


your local tranny hater

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