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Another day, another new Amberlynn video where she eats, shits and buys useless things to add into her ever growing horde. I'm just constantly amazed at how much shit those two can buy at the grocery store that never seem to last for more than a day. It really gives you an insight as to how much shit they cram into their mouths; its enough to feed a family of 6, and yet these beasts are never satiated. At least they can no longer blame Eric and Ricky for the rather ridiculously large food haul.

Necky is the worst kind of weeb. Wants a tie-dye Naruto hoodie that's $100 bucks and isn't really special. Tie-dye and has this small patch on it. Makes it a goal or something. It's sold of because of course it is.

Meanwhile, anime creators like Araki team up with GUCCI and produce a quality, Jojo's Bizarre GUCCI merch. Or others that team up with great brands that Anime fans save and make those goals. Lifelong products and reputable brand. Holds value, etc.

Necky that white trash weeb of anime. Her shirt collection tells all: quantity over quality.

I agree. Necky is that type of weeabo that you thought you'd only see in middle school back when anime was starting to become a popular thing to watch and everyone was trying to do the Naruto run during recess. Like come on, Naruto's been out for over a decade now. There's soooo many hoodies (bootleg or not), toys, etc that Necky could buy for cheap. Its not some brand new anime like my hero academia, where there's only a few items to get currently. There's like so much shit for Naruto, its not even funny.

Heck, I'm surprised Necky hasn't started collecting figurines yet. She seems like the type to splurge on funko pops and counterfeit figurines straight out from China.

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Watching a little further (with ad block on ofc!), watching Hamberlynn eating that huge ass salad was absolutely hysterical. She tried to go mmm over it like she does with the usual sodium-laden fattening nom noms such as Burger King or Subway, but she wasn't pulling her usual tastebud-orgasm bliss. It was plain as day she hated that salad and quickly turned off the camera so she could spit it out, dump the rest of the bowl and get Becky to order some Cheesecake Factory shit instead.

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quickly turned off the camera so she could spit it out, dump the rest of the bowl and get Becky to order some Cheesecake Factory shit instead.
Are you kidding? She ate the whole thing AND ordered take out. You know how often she talks about forcing herself to eat. It probably doesnt occur to her that you dont have to eat food you dont like.

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Amazing how you can spend like 200 bucks on groceries and the only real meal you can make with it all is 2kg of chicken and maybe 3 meals worth of rice.

Everything with this bitch is performative. Must show the camera the left over salad ingredients. Must straight up CUM at some carrots and hummus. Must show how you STAND while doing your hair wow
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My favorite part of the video was when Amber scanned the salad to see the calories, was shocked that it was 19 points, and then proceeded to eat the salad anyway. Another -215 remaining points week?
First of all WHY SO MUCH C H I C K E N jesus christ
Don't you know? Chicken is 0 calories, you can eat an entire chicken coop and you won't gain a pound!


Edit: great rebranding. I wonder what that pornstar is gonna do if she see it. Fight fight fight! That'd be interesting. Hamber is so ready to attack on Twitter, let's see her do it to someone just as official.

She recently threatened to sue someone on Twitter for defamation like as if she has a lawyer on retainer. I'd like her to make good on that threat to that granny should she try to stir some shit again, which I hope she does now that she changed her name back.

Also that geriatric pornstar has some dubious honour of uniting the whole haydur nation behind ALR when she sent her that C&D letter. It's kinda heartwarming I guess?


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I didn't know adults bought those cake pops from Starbucks for themselves.

That chocolate and nut covered toffee that Amber bought from Trader Joe's is extremely hard and thick. With the state that her teeth are in, I wouldn't be surprised if she broke a tooth while eating it.

Becky's checkered Vans are the (almost, not quite) equivalent of Amber's bra. With the obscene amount of money they spend, you'd think she'd buy a new pair. I get the worn-in look, but the structure of the shoes are broken.


The kiwi starfruit refreshers are evidently 270 calories w 59g of sugar for a trenta. Cake pops: 190kcal/18g sugar. Grand total: 460kcal/77g sugar for an afternoon snack. Gorl is likely already over her WW points for the day, even with her fudging the points for her salad.

She continues to claim she's getting better by saying "I never used to stand up while straightening my hair", hoping to trick both herself and the viewer into thinking she's made amazing progress.
The WHO and AHA recommend women consume no more than 25 grams of sugar A DAY (for a 2000 calorie diet).

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