VLOGS ARE BACK! Medical Update 02/19/20 -


Fleas on a burger who got Corona
but she said in this video she's not a handy gorl :(
You're right. Our gorl would never lie to us. Thanks for the correction. I forget she's a dainty lesbian.

Honestly, she'll probably claim to have hurt her wrist pink weight lifting, or walking then slipping on 32 degree rain water. It'll be "o woe is me" but also a "look at how fit I'm becoming" lah. I wonder who got hurt recently that she has to steal the attention from.

W00K #17

Boy Man God Shiiiit
Alright guize, the brace/plint thing is back and even more noticeable. Guess it did not get our gorl enough attention last time. Is she gonna explain anything about it this time ? Btw, still nasty, same with the shirt, her hair, and her face.

I am shooketh by her shitton of makeup. Who (I mean especially regarding Amber but, seriously, WHO) needs that many
- sponges
- brushes (just randomly thrown in the box, there's no logical order, such OCPD wow)
- eyeshadows
- lipsticks
Feels like even most beauty gurus are more reasonable than that.

7:47 aaaaand the brace has disappeared, wrist is healed, still no pain, still no explanation

Gorl now supports Amy and Tammy, wishes for 1000lbs sisters S2, was on the emotional rollercoaster with them. How much do y'all bet she identified with Tammy who has her body so fucked she can't do much, and won't seem to commit to losing cause it's hard while her sister (or here, housemate/girlfriend) loses and makes progress on her own ? I wish I was in her head when she watched it.

10:47 Rickie's face is exactly my face, and guess who went to Bath & Body Works for Valentine's day ?

Aw, girl saw a photo of herself and finally felt grotesque. I love how said photo was a snap taken by Eric at the mall and totally not the screenshot of her merging with the couch on her birthday.

~13:05 She's gone to the doctor 4 times in the last two weeks, what for ? Vitamin D deficiency ? Another UTI ? Rock-hard lymphedema ? This could turn out to be really interesting but deep down, I just know, it's because of her wrist problem that's so serious she's not even wearing the brace anymore. She gon reveal it at some point, just wait.

13:20 She said 7 minutes ago she was no longer on mood stabilizers because refill wouldn't refill, now she just said she went to see her psychiatrist, and that's that. ... So I'm just assuming this bish doesn't have ADD, nor Bipolar disorder. The former she'd have mentioned, the latter is too serious to be ignored like she did.

I can't help but clench my jaw when she wants asspats for not having worn makeup in 50 days (which is rumored to be inaccurate) yet showed us her shit ton of make up products earlier.
It's like hoarding shower gels and skin lotions yet neglecting yourself and not showering for days.

14:54 Oh, my bad, she is on her mood stabilizers again, it's been two weeks and she feels better. No mention of the medication's name though. Also I'm pretty sure mood stabilizers need way more than 2 weeks to be effective (but i'll need to check that out later because there might be quicker mood stabilizers that I don't know about)

15:10 EL FAMOSO BIPOLAR I was waiting for it. Now,
I'm currently in a psychiatric hospital on the daily for profesionnal reasons. I've seen my fair share of individuals with bipolar, light or severe, and I can tell you she ain't it. She's never ever showed signs of mania despite being like "oh I bought destiny so many gifts cause I was manic". She wasn't manic, she was trying to keep destiny cause destiny was gettng the f outta here (I think our gorl has Borderline personnality disorder but that's my theory. Also antidepressants aren't that effective on people with BPD). I have no problem believing she has depression though, because with her life who the hell wouldn't ?

17:47 Our gorl is messier and messier by the day.

Of course her iron pills are iron gummies. At least she'll take them.

She even gifts us with a her eating for a short moment - thank god no tongue sighting
You should discuss your recapping of amberlyn videos on the kiwifarms with your psych ward doctors.


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
In this video and the Snapchat pic where she bragged about not wearing makeup her eyes look strange. Its like she doesn't have eyelashes anymore or something and I cant pinpoint it. The brace is on her left writing hand so its most likely from doing those mandala colorings for hours.

She either has been reading here and attempting to be funny or shes that predictable, but she straight up said what I said she would in the general discussion about the Amy and tammy show. Shes being sweet dainty nice AOn her vlogs but on younow we shit all over them for getting a show.

Edit: " I do alot I'm just not vlogging it"


Our gorl out here trying to pretend she's so revolutionary with her makeup storage. It's a damn cake stand and plastic tubs bitch; all the beauty influencers do it.
:lit::lit: AL Isn't going to do mookbongs anymore, who actually believes that? This video was still boring garbage but infinitely much better than the damn mookbongs.

Tiki Bar Man

Down the Anal Staircase
Look haydurs, she obviously hurt her wrist doing CrossFit at the local gym. The pounds are clearly melting right off!

Jokes aside, is this “I can’t do caffeine” thing new? I can’t remember if she’s mentioned it before, and she’s certainly never seemed to have a problem.
She's talked about it before but lez be real. It's not the caffeine that bothers her. Its that the drink she's has that happen to have caffeine like her """diet""" soda, also have stuff like aspartame which gives her the shits. Basically she thinks is caffeine giving her a bad stomach ache but it's all the garbage fake sweeteners and whatever bs she's drinking doing it. And we know our gorl will avoid the bathroom as much as she avoids taking responsibility


Forchette! Forchette!
Is she on lamictal? If so she’s at a serious risk of getting that deadly rash with the way she starts and stops taking them so often. :optimistic:
I dont believe for a second she is on bipolar meds, because she is not bipolar. She has BPD which there is no medication that can fix it.
She would be feeling the nasty side effects of constant missed doses and cold turkey bullshit.

She's a lah.