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Perhaps I'm suffering from a lack of imagination today but again, the only thing I can think of that would have put a strain on her wrist is if she lost her balance & used that arm to catch herself & perhaps prevent a fall. Whatever it is, if it's at all legit, she clearly didn't see a doctor for it or if she did, wasn't told how to properly wear a brace. For a bit we could see a Tensor wrapped around that wrist & at her size, that makes more sense than a poorly fitting brace. But then both disappear completely - leading me to conclude it's minor.

Her mentals… I just don't see bipolar or anything other than a generous helping of Cluster B disorders - Borderline Personality Disorder has to rank right up there, Narcissistic PD, possibly a smattering of Histrionic PD...

She never simply likes or dislikes anything or feels the modest emotions most feel when presented with various things. She LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES something, hates it, she humble brags about bawling her eyes out over the silliest things & has mentioned the others in the house looking askance at her when she's wailing over something minor.

Not saying adults don't have emotions - anything but. However, we learn to govern our emotions or risk being ruled by them. Public displays of exaggerated emotional reactions does not make her empathic or sensitive; it merely highlights her inappropriate ideas of what people feel & how those feelings are displayed. I would find her exhausting to spend any amount of time around, never mind have to live with her & that's not even considering the manipulation, lack of pulling her own weight... etc.
No wrist injury, no bipolar, no OCD, no ADHD. It's just Munchie bullshit, looking for asspats and sympathy. And, since she's a classic narc and very likely a sociopath, it isn't like she has emotions of her own. She just borrows that shit from whoever she happens to be around the most/at the moment.

I think she just doesn’t understand that emotions have different shades. She wouldn’t know the difference between ashamed, melancholic, grieving and discouraged. It’s all just STHOOO SAD and oh my god I LOOOVE coloreen. Like a toddler whose only understanding of the complexity of human emotion is Inside Out. And given that she lives in perpetual toddler land, she’ll never grow to learn how to express her feelings more articulately. What an uninteresting child.
Shut up about your sadz and show us your layygs already.
Exactly - nuance is not something narcs do. Their brains just are not wired for it.

To Fat Albert, being "bipolar" and being a faggot are personality traits for her. They make her more interesteeeeen (in her mind). Also gets Munchausen pity asspats from her subscribers.
It's a great sympathy ploy AND feeds her inability to take responsibility for anything. Win-win.

For people who have followed Amber for a long time. Has she been playing the mental aspects from the start or are they being only present in the last year or two?
I can't recall anything older than the Density era - I mean, her seriously talking about "muh mentalz" as a way to deflect, excuse, or evade. Obviously, she's really kicked that bullshit into overdrive as she became increasingly immobile.

I just don't get that she thinks she can hide who she is - she uses the same mixed metaphors & other linguistic tells constantly. That & you can feel the "righteous indignation" through the screen.
Indeed. Her tells are obvious, and for someone who considers themselves a writer, she is remarkably free of imagination in this area.

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That's a big part of her problem; she has nothing "drastic" to fall back on. Many people these days, claim some form of psych diagnosis or condition. The deficiencies she's telling us about are yawningly common & more adults than not, especially those living in northern altitudes, take the appropriate vitamins - they're cheap & easy; especially if a lifestyle means you don't always have time to balance eating over the course of a week.

In any case, her varied deficiencies & issues may contribute in a minor way to her real medical issues but the glaring elephant in the room is her weight... Point. Blank. Period. She's either even more clueless about human anatomy & physiology than most 10 year olds or defiantly in denial.

She's in her 30th year & from now on, the problems just get more 'fun'. A lot of her medical issues, (Lord, I'd love to see a proper medical work up with full imaging & labs), could be reversed to some degree or at least prevented from progressing for decades if she took the right steps now. Fun or easy? Hell, no. But urgently needed if she wants to live some sort of life as opposed to vicariously experiencing everything.

Her socks as well as she herself, frequently & huffily announce that she's an adult and: "Can do as she wants! It's HER channel!!" Sure she can. But doing what she wants 99% of the time especially in regards to food means she can't experience 99% of normal life. Adulthood is mainly about "should dos" but careful choices; the right choices 90%would mean she could experience a far more normal life. And be able to genuinely enjoy her activities rather than fret about fitting into something, being able to take frequent rest breaks & everything else associated with her weight.

She doesn't see that her 'journey' has her going around the same traffic circle & that her vehicle's "check engine" light is on & has been for some time. She can go on without more significant quality of life losses for a bit longer but she's almost out of time.

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Does bipolar even work like that? I've heard of rapid cycling, but I assumed that was days instead of weeks in either state, not just minutes of mania (or depression). Maybe it's her stupidity, limited vocabulary, or just diagnosis chasing. Because what she described sounds like excitement. Or just feeling extra chatty.
Nah fam, of course it doesn't work like that. It's just attention-whoring and reminding people she has speshul mentulz


Is mayonnaise a gender?
Or are they making "deeper" seats these days?
If it's a newer theater the seats could probably fit her, albeit uncomfortably. Many newer theaters have large oversized power recliners that would be deep and wide enough for her to still squeeze into. They often have decent sized arm rests as well so she may not even spill over into the next seat that much. You also pick and reserve specific seats when you buy tickets so it's possible they are reserving seats in the middle row where there is a break in the seating so there wouldn't be seats close in front, making it easier for her to get down the aisle.


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In my opinion - Becky's weight loss is not coming from proper nutrition & exercise. If she's cleaned up her eating & started being active in a way appropriate for her age & starting size, by now she'd be much... 'brighter'? Okay, sucky word choice - my brain is pulling an Amber. She'd walk in a more upright way, move at faster than a bovine amble to the next patch of grass & there would be some life in her.

She's still a zombie & her eyes are dead. Illness? Medication? Possibly a combination but I don't equate HER weight loss to improving health.
Becky has always been dead eyed and expressionless. She just used to pop off more but Amber beat that out of her


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Neck hump coming in nicely and that fucked mutton-like arm.

Your daily dose of autism;

I counted 46 lip smacks in today's video. I didn't count the silent ones. And I didn't count incidental lip smacks from eating.

At 21 minutes and 51 seconds, that means one lip smack every 28.5 seconds.
You know to add to this the meds she is on for her mentuls causes dry mouth, not for nothing but she is lip smacking like when someone takes too much adderall or ritalin
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Neck hump coming in nicely and that fucked mutton-like arm.

You know to add to this the meds she is on for her mentuls causes dry mouth, not for nothing but she is lip smacking like when someone takes too much adderall or ritalin
SSRIs cause dry mouth but then again so does eating salt laden garbage and drinking soda.


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I am shooketh by her shitton of makeup. Who (I mean especially regarding Amber but, seriously, WHO) needs that many
- sponges
- brushes (just randomly thrown in the box, there's no logical order, such OCPD wow)
- eyeshadows
- lipsticks
Feels like even most beauty gurus are more reasonable than that.
Holy shit even I didn't have that much makeup when I was a teenager.

the hugga bunch

This bitch isn't fitting in seats. I've seen people who are in their 200's look squished into reclining theater seats. There are places that have "cuddle" seats made big enough for two people to share - she would for sure have to buy a double ticket - but I highly doubt that they're common place in Kentucky. I think she's more likely to be able to sit in old fashioned styled seating where the arms come up to allow more room. Also, usually theaters with this seating don't require you to reserve your specific seat so she could get away with hogging up 2.