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What is she even getting mad about? Vague blogging about someone doesn't work when you're complaining about the only person who recently mentioned kiwifarms in an article and has a bunch of other lolcows on the exact same site crying and mentioning her and the site she writes for by name and anyone with half a brain cell would be able to put together who you're talking about you fucking exceptional individual.

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lol okay




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Yeah, I think I'm fine. The Jews in my area are armed to teeth, so come at us.
So are the far right, but you misunderstand the nature of the conflict. You notice how the word "kike" shows up on the farms pretty regularly now? Notice a lot of "ironic" anti-semitism these days? Seen a few "stingy Jew" jokes? What is happening is that as identity politics become the norm, old stereotypes are returning. GG is over. This wave of anti-semitism is so much larger. Remember Obama talking about backwards people who cling to their guns? That's what you sound like right now.

The really amazing bit is they pulled it off right under our (heh) noses, to the point most people still can't see it happening. Like frogs sitting in a pot of water heating up slowly, too blind to the obvious to simply hop away.

When things begin to collapse the rich Jews will go to a different country. They'll leave the rest to be oppressed as martyrs. No actual violence needs to occur. This is a cultural issue.


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Toren: Phil's alleged galpal and a serial transient who, like Phil, is fucking insane and acts about 13. A member of every other major Rat King group and a number of distantly-related-to-Rat King subgroups, Toren is an easily-mocked nutbar whose sole purpose appears to be to trump Phil's thread at every opportunity.
Worth noting: has a history of suddenly "becoming homeless," openly tries to cheat on his alleged girlfriend, illegally occupying said girlfriend's house, claims to have a PhD in gender studies, but all information given on this PhD has proven false (allegedly to throw us off the scent, although this makes no sense).

Fucktard there doesn't seem to realize we dig into their lives and dox them because they say dumb shit online that gets us to laugh hard enough to want to know more about them. They seem to think we do what we do at random, when in reality their own words and actions that they proudly broadcast to the entire internet are what get our attention and laughter in the first place.
Basically it's like those celebrity gossip magazines, except instead of musicians and reality TV stars, we follow people who are idiots online.

Most people here don't give a shit about trans people. It's the lolcows who happen to be trans, or people who use being trans as an excuse to be a jackass that get talked about. Same as any other type of person.
We don't have threads on Laverne Cox, Caitlin Jenner or any of the more mainstream transwomen (or if we do and I've missed them, they're not getting much traffic). Off the top of my head, I can think of at least five transwomen who are considerably more prominent than any of the Rat Kings who barely even get mentioned here, and when they are, it's usually favourably comparing them to the subject of a thread. If we hate trans women so much, you'd think we'd never shut up about the ones who have achieved a measure of mainstream success.

"Both sides narrative bullshit." Was there ever a more perfect summary of the attitude to facts displayed by our detractors here?

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Oh shit, it's Dorian!
Yeah, he got doxed during the Zinnia Jones Cloudflare incident. Showed up on twitter puffing his chest out about the whole deal.
He's an angry little shit, and he's cagey about us.

Edit: Yep, dox is here.
:o He sound like a nice person, the kind of person on which i don't make research to find more infos

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We don't have threads on Laverne Cox, Caitlin Jenner or any of the more mainstream transwomen

We have ones on Laverne because of the wikipedia editing drama and Caitlyn in Beauty Parlour because of being a Kardashian and committing vehicular manslaughter.

However your point still stands because they are rather low traffic threads that haven't been active in ages and there are several actual activists and celebrities (not scammers or fading-spotlight former athletes and the like) that we don't cover because they aren't drama-whoring spastic mongs like the rat kings are.
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