vulnerability (03/25/21) - Couldn't even do a full week of "Curvy Calories"


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The reality that she can't grasp is that youtube is a much different landscape from when her channel first started growing. The super morbidly obese space is *much* more crowded now. Simply being a trainwreck isn't enough.

Does anyone think that if BigAL started her channel today she could grow a new following? She's competing with Trisha Paytas, Chantal, Nicocado, HungryFatChick, JeoyEatstheWorld, and a hundred even bigger trainwrecks than she is.

Even the react channals have reduced how often they react to her. Her fat addled brain can sense something is wrong and broken with her moneymaker, but she won't be able to fix it and isn't smart enough to have saved most of her earnings over the past few years to take a much needed break from her "job".

I don't hate Amberlynn, and I hope she loses the weight and figures out how to have a healthy online persona. But I wouldn't bet on either of those outcomes :/
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Oh my god, she quit?


This is shocking news! Absolutely no one expected that!

But remember, guys, she never gives up.
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"It leads me to not want to share anything on utube again" Yeah but you will because if you didn't, you would have to get a real job. What a fucking loser, blames the audience AGAIN, it seems people are getting sick of hearing about her blaming fat shaming, so now she's moving to mental health shaming. And blaming it on no-one believed her abuse story. NO BECAUSE YOU LIED FOR THE ATTENTION YOU FUCK.

"they justify their actions by saying i lie but yet there's never any proof"
gorl you've been on camera admitting you lie and troll
There is more proof of her lying than her telling the truth, she needs to review her own videos so she can keep on track.


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Didn't Amber basically lose 100 lbs because she had a cesspool of illnesses, cancer being the most prevalent?

Amber pays lip service to wanting to lose weight but I really don't think she does. Being fat is her entire identity now.
The bitch lost 83 pounds (572 to 489) due to cancer, but chooses to round it. God forbid we do the same and say she was almost 600. The only other time in her miserable life that she lost weight was due to Krystal’s parents restricting her (and TBH, I think they were more worried about their own daughter picking up bad eating habits).

Besides that, she has never lost weight other than temporary 10-20 pound fluctuations, and she never will. She loves the drama of it all as well as being able to spend money on her so-called friends.


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One difference between Amber and Chantal is that I think Chantal would like to be smaller with more mobility and energy, but she really loves eating high-calorie food more than having those things.
Amber enjoys being fat. Amber fetishizes her own fat. She thinks she is sexy, vital. She wants to be as big as she possibly can be. She also wants attention and approval.
She thinks that in order to get those things while also staying fat, she has to say the right words that her audience wants to hear, instead of being a decent person who happens to be big, she lies and tries to manipulate to get those positive comments.

tldr: Amber = big fat nasty lying liar who lies but can't fathom why she isn't a beloved hero, blames fat instead of rotten personality.

We know this already. Why am I posting this?

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I really hope Amber doesn't jump fully on the HAES body positivity wagon. One of the things that make her stand out is that compared to other deathfat cows, she's pretty apolitical. I remember her saying she doesn't like Trump a few times, obviously she is pro LGBT rights, and she's brought up fat shaming before, but aside from that she doesn't sperg about politics. Considering she thought World War 1 ended in the 1930's, her apolitical leanings probably stem from pure disinterest/stupidity. I don't think I can handle Amber screeching about capitalistic diet industry or whatever Tess Holiday is on about.

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If she's not planning on making any effort on losing weight, she should stop lying to herself and her audience, quit youtube and go be a feeder cam girl. Easy buxx, eat everything with no shaming, and all the simps showering her with compliments on how they find her fupa sexy. Shes humiliated herself enough at this point whats one step further?


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Becky: *knock knock* Can i use the bathroom now? I drank so much diet cola~

If she needs a shoulder to cry on- its Becky not social media who she expects to change just b/c she dropped pounds (not her condescending attitude).

Or cry to MamaLynn- see if she will do some adulting.
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