vulnerability (03/25/21) - Couldn't even do a full week of "Curvy Calories"

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most of my clitoris necrotized and fell off
There’s a chance she’ll be wearing a Destiny herpes outbreak on her wedding day. Maybe she likes her sores because they remind her of kissing the love of her life. An outbreak is the perfect excuse not to kiss (or share food with) Becky.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

Amber: puckers and waits like a dainty princess.

Becky: Turns Super Mario hat backwards, leans in and sees sunlight glinting off of her ruby red lip sore. She hesitates briefly, but in her head she can already hear the protests of the beast, “Baayyuubbb! This is MY big day, don’t lidurally mess it up for me!!” So she courageously closes her eyes, takes a deep breath…

New virus downloading 7% complete

Til death do you part. God I love romance.
As they lean in to kiss, the stretch marked flop tits under Amber's Torrid tarp and Becky's Spongebob t-shirt adhere due to all the grease and sweat in a pungent Petri dish of Sapphic love.

Ballsy of Amber to bring up “muh abuse” after clearly being outed for her lahs by her ex. I don’t think she’s quitting YouTube by any means, you think our dainty girl should go to a 9-5? Impossible.
TMI But after I saw the video was uploaded less than 30 minutes ago with 3 pages of comments on the forum already, I could smell the shit show.


Oh no, it is r3tard...
Oh noes! Not Amber quitting another 100 day challenge yet again! I can't believe this! - Said no one ever.

And not only that but also gaslighting her audience into believing it is their fault for being mean to her and expecting any type of accountability from her. All the trolls are mental health shaming and fat shaming her! It's not her fault AT ALL!

Just like her lymphedema, her victim complex knows no boundaries. Cheers you fat bitch, see ya at your next torrid haul! 🍺

Most of her 75 pound weight loss was from being sick with strep throat. Her throat pain and overall malaise prevented her from eating her usual way. I think she had a chest cold or something around the same time, I remember her being sick quite a bit at the end of 2019.

She had already lost the weight and started regaining weight when she got the cancer diagnosis. Even if the cancer contributed, she absolutely did not lose the weight through her own effort and will power.

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I really hope Amber doesn't jump fully on the HAES body positivity wagon. One of the things that make her stand out is that compared to other deathfat cows, she's pretty apolitical. I remember her saying she doesn't like Trump a few times, obviously she is pro LGBT rights, and she's brought up fat shaming before, but aside from that she doesn't sperg about politics. Considering she thought World War 1 ended in the 1930's, her apolitical leanings probably stem from pure disinterest/stupidity. I don't think I can handle Amber screeching about capitalistic diet industry or whatever Tess Holiday is on about.
I don't know. She's seems way too dumb and lazy to talk about politics in any real capacity. Even if it's HAES stuff. She'd inevitably miss speak or spout a retarded take and get absolutely wrecked by even more people than the normal spergy hayders. Come to think about it.. That'd be pretty funny.

I am so bored by Amber's eternal plot arc reruns but I can't seem to turn it off, so here we are again.

Also, there aren't nearly so many people doing reactions to her anymore, and she used to make bank off of their attention, so listening to her complain about people monetizing her illness is particularly hilarious. Cry to someone who cares lol

I don't understand why ALR and FB constantly complain about about being fat shamed. They are morbidly obese, they deserve to be shamed and feel shame. If you allow your body to get to a grotesque and unhealthy state by your own doing, you deserve to be shamed. You did a bad thing and should feel social consequence.

I also don't care if a narcissist gets her mental illness shamed. Being a narcissist is also shameful and something one should change. Some things just deserve shaming.


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She said she was having problems with her internet. She was only on for about 5 minutes, then she just buffered. She said she was weighed by a doctor and has lost 4 pounds. Then she was just about to start giving us all a lecture...
Edited - she also complained that she was hungry
So, she took a shit and then the internet itself couldn't stand her anymore and dumped her ass. Got it. :)

mental gymnastics

If it’s 10pm PST, what time is it in KY?
Amberlynn: My diet is my priority
Also Amberlynn: YouTube is my priority

This bitch has completely lost it, wow

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Amber has no desire to change. I know that she never really has because obviously if she did she wouldn't be at this weight but it's clear (to me at least) that back in the Optivia days Amber wanted to loose weight somewhere in that fat skull and when she fell off it was real. Sure, it might have been prerecorded still but now Amber pretends to go on diets because in reality, she has accepted her fate. She's fine with being a fat cow.

The problem is her audience is getting sick of it. Even someone like me who really doubted at first that she'd go to the effort of faking diets knows she is a total lah. No one cares anymore because Amber can't even be bothered to pretend to do diets for more than a day. The money is drying up. I'm excited to see the next chapter.

Eviction, weddings and binging, oh my!

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Seems like when I need attention the most, I'm pushed away harder.

Fixed that for her.

Seriously, though, it almost sounds like she realizes that most of the hate she gets is because of her parading her crappy life around on YouTube for all to see but won't quit because "it's a priority." And of course people only hate her because she's fat, not because she's a whiny basket case who thinks consumption is a substitute for the therapy she badly needs.

Her newfound mission to position herself within the fatphobia movement is particularly funny. If you'll go back to videos dating 2020, she's started inserting herself into a narrative that people hate her because she's fat. She has undoubtedly come across this rhetoric from other HAES influencers like LearningtoBeFearless (AlexandriaIreneRodrieguez). This is my least favorite version of amber.
She is straight up pulling a Trisha paytas

Most of her 75 pound weight loss was from being sick with strep throat. Her throat pain and overall malaise prevented her from eating her usual way. I think she had a chest cold or something around the same time, I remember her being sick quite a bit at the end of 2019.
I think it was a toothache, iirc. Anyway, yes, she was sick for a couple of months which strangely coincided with losing most of the now famous 90-almost100lbs.

This video only proves she has become an expert at blaming her failures on others. It took her less than 4mins to go from "I failed" to "you all hate me bc I'm fat, it's your fault". This is what happens in her head whenever her lizard brain smells even the faintest whiff of culpability. It's quite remarkable.

Also, lmao @ her saying if she could do it all again she wouldn't start youtube at all. Girl, you know that's a lah. That means you'd have to get some minimum wage job and we all know you could barely hold one down at 380-400lbs, let alone at the weight you've been the last couple of years.

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