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May 21, 2015
EDIT - SOME LINKS AND CONTENT TO FURTHER COMMUNITIES BESIDES JUST /R/WAIFUISM HAVE BEEN ADDED. This is now a general waifuism thread. Credit for the following goes to the people I've quoted:

Mind if we use this thread for just general Waifuism? There are plenty of other Waifu communities outside of Reddit that are worth a look.
I feel like the thread would benefit from covering a wider range of Waifuists.


Here's just a bunch of screenshots from the various chan waifu communities.
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Original post about /r/waifuism

(credit to @Lipitor for finding this) is a community celebrating anime waifus, aka anime characters and the fat NEETs who form romantic attachments with them.

Or, in their own words:


Today, the community has lost one of their mods who stepped down after drama involving whether or not it's acceptable to be polyamorous in the waifu community:


A farewell to the reddit waifu community(self.waifuism)

submitted1 day ago*byvocaloid_mayuMayu / Celica (Xenoblade X)[M]

In light of recent events, I certainly don't feel welcome here anymore, and I certainly don't feel welcome as a mod. I've literally had people tell me to step down, that they "don’t want to be represented by [my] beliefs", etc.

People can say all they want that they're not trying to "discuss"meandmyrelationship, but theimplicationsof what my relationship means (like what does that even mean?) but the fact of the matter is that there's literally a post on the front page of this subreddit designed to garner dissent toward my relationship and those like it. How am I supposed to feel about that? People can say all they want that they "love" and "respect" me, but this certainly feels like neither. Regardless of your intentions behind this "discussion", it's only served to alienate me.

People are telling me that it's unacceptable to prioritize my own feelings and well-being. I'm sorry, but that's asinine. I can't serve the community if I can't serve myself too.

People are telling me that I don't need to change or lie to myself, but when I decided to be true to myself, I was met with, well,this. That sends a very different message. Like I should have just kept my mouth shut and pretended I didn't love Celica. That while my feelings are technically valid, they aren't validenough.

This is no longer the community I helped create. This is no longer the loving, accepting community I envisioned. Or perhaps it never was.

I'm sick of the bigotry. That's what the staunch anti-polyamory is. Bigotry. Bigotry directed at people who enter non-standard relationship structures, from a community of people who enter non-standard relationship structures.

I'm sick of people trying to prescribe what waifuism "should" be and how it "should" work. I'm sick of people who try to tell me "that's not how it works" when it's been working well for me. This is mostly with regard to headcanon, but it also applies now to the issue of polyamory.

Thank you to the people who have supported me, and I wish you all well. Heck, I wish even the naysayers well.

Now, I'm a big girl and can handle myself, so I don't need this community anymore.

P.S.Here's a cute glasses girl for ya PMCM, and I leave/r/waifuismto you, RSP, and/r/WaifuismLoungeto you, PMCM.

edit: I will say that I am reading all of your replies to this post. Thank you very much for the support and kind words. I'm not sure if I'm going to stay, but I definitely won't be a regular contributor anymore for a while at least.

Selections from the drama:




And then a nine paragraph response from another user in another post in which they argue that one should be dedicated to their chosen fiction character because having more than one waifu makes all waifu-lovers look bad: (

The author of that post, felt bad of about hurting another anime pillow lover's feelings and step down as well:


upload_2016-2-3_18-59-17.png is the mod who stepped down.

His brother is involved in his waifu roleplaying:



He's been involved in a relationship with his pillow for a full year:


He describes how Waifuism saved his life:



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May 21, 2015


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Sep 8, 2015

Apperently there's a chart to help determine the right waifu for you.
These minds are beyond repair. Sadist is not the opposite of Masochist. Some people just don't like causing pain within their relationships.

Why is freckles a fetish? Glasses is a fetish if you use the Japanese word(Had to look it up, TVtropes came up).

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