Plagued Waifu culture - Cartoon fuckpillows and the men (and women) who love them

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CC Kalypso
Dec 14, 2021
Screenshots of Satoru simp whining to waifuism mods about how only one person should be allowed per waifu. She's so insanely possessive and jealous over a 2d drawing lol
She also keeps getting in arguments with some other chick, who is probably a troll, over who Satoru belongs to.
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Command and Conkeldurr
Dec 14, 2021
A Vendetta mask? Unironically? In 2021? I cannot believe that, I want to say that guy's a troll and knows who Clair is, but that's crazy. Unless we are having real life trolling arcs A la CWC.
He failed to mention that she took that picture the day before Halloween. He was 99% just random dude wearing his Halloween costume.

She had only finished the cardboard cutout of him on the 28th, meaning that this was likely during the first day she took Chongyun out on the town.