Plagued Waifu culture - Japanese fuckpillows and the men who love them

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loli licker

Law Fuck
Damn they don't even really put much effort

Like I can see that Asuka shrine is just pure HTML with no fonts and it hurts my eyes even more that it is supposed to
So after a while i decided to visit again the weird e-shrine site if i could get new and fresh cringe and well looks like we have new waifufriends!
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And there is this one...i can not say if this guy is a waifufag, a troll or both?
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Holy shit. That "how I fell in love with her" story is so pitiful.
The Sheik Waifuist linked above said:
I used to leave this next part of the story out, but I'm more comfortable than I used to be with it, so I don't mind saying it. I jerked off to her a few times while playing OoT. She was one of my first things (not the first unfortunately) I ever did that to.
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