Waifus (and husbandos) that we don't get why they're so popular. - Throw quick jabs at popular characters you don't like.

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This fucking guy.


Every single Danganronpa characters is a walking trope, but this guy stands out as one-note even among them. If you delete the word "hope" from the game he loses more than half his dialogue and his entire personality and 30% of the story but it's a Danganronpa title so that's expected. He's a creep and annoying every single time he appears in the game, being a fucking prick in every chapter until he kills himself by proxy. And he only does that because he wants to create a murder impossible to solve so that everyone else gets killed when they can't guess who was the murderer, thus being a dick even after dead.

Even the rest of the cast of the game hates the guy and tries to lock him inside his cabin on Chapter 2 so he will stop fucking things up for everyone, which he keeps on doing anyway.

I genuinely feel like a huge part of his popularity is because he likes the main character and that gave the fanbase a "canon" uwu soft gay boi ship to cream their undergarments over.


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The majority of Touhou characters

This is a super autistic thing to debate, especially since I don't even think the show is actually good, but I'd disagree that Kyon is the most blah guy ever. Actually as far as male harem anime protagonists go, he's pretty decent. I know that's a really low bar, but nonetheless. He's really snarky, he gets horny without being an over the top pervert or reduced to a blubbering idiot, he generally tries to stick up for himself and others against Haruhi's bullshit (although because of the show's premise there's only so much he can do), and overall he tries to be the voice of reason and responsibility among the main characters. He even actively attempts to pursue girls occasionally, unlike nearly every other harem protagonist ever (looking at you, Tenchi), and he has far more holding him back from that than most harem protagonists do.

On the other hand, yeah Haruhi is a shit waifu. Kind of interesting as a story concept, but not someone anyone sane would ever want to hang out with in real life, let alone be romantically involved with. An extremely self-centered bipolar tsundere who's secretly a reality warping god, but doesn't know it. Everyone has to put up with her being a fickle, abusive bitch because they're afraid she'll unintentionally destroy the universe if they don't. That's the franchise's premise, for anyone who doesn't know.
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Haruhi is actually the primary antagonist, her friends (if you can call them that) are forced to conform to the roles she puts them in, she treats them more like toys than actual friends, she's a selfish, emotionally underdeveloped child, and none of it is really even her fault. It's actually an interesting deconstruction of the manic pixie dream girl concept, except because it's supposed to be a mostly lighthearted comedy, it really downplays all the rather horrifying aspects of the premise.

I guess we're supposed to support the idea that Kyon will get together with Haruhi in the end, even though he has more chemistry with both the other main girls and he's basically stuck with her because she has a crush on him (which she's a bitch about, because tsundere) and will end the universe (unintentionally) if he breaks her heart.
Which is a really messed up relationship dynamic, if you think about it. He's being forced into a pretty toxic relationship under threat of total destruction of everything. Yet the tone most of the time is like a typical romantic comedy.

That's the main problem with the franchise, I guess. The concept is dark as hell, but it's given a mostly light romantic comedy treatment. The result is a story that spends most of its time avoiding anything meaningful happening, because most meaningful things that could happen would be really dark and completely change the tone of the series. Hence MoHS's godawful pacing.
Haruhi is a dumb bitch, best girl from that series was Tsuruya.

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Any Gen8 Pokemon waifu is shit. The entire game is shit and so is Nessa's tits.

Also, Amy Rose. If you like Amy Rose, you're either a furry in denial, nine, or just autistic. Same goes with Rogue but you're twelve and just discovered what boobies are meant for.

The Mario Princesses are usually also shit waifus. Rosalina gets a pass for the hair, but I'm biased towards her anyways.


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Felix Argyle is just a bland trap to the point where just he’s feels more like a walking stereotype of gays. Why do think he’s cute? He’s like the SonicFox of anime characters if anything.
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Rem, hands down. Like seriously, she tried to kill Subaru like once. Say whatever you want to say about Subaru, but that wouldn't really be a good move.
Also Youko Nishikawa from Sansha Sanyou, but she is less of a popular character that I don't get the popularity of and more of a 'character that I just dislike and would not like to see a waifuist for.
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Less popular because who fucks Kirby characters, but Susie Haltmann is also a shit waifu.