Waiting for Extra Ducksauce to come to my door to carry out his threat (video 11/8) -


Ok, just finished a night shift and slammed a coupla beers already, so a quick poast before bed. Just saw he was live so took at look at what the old git was ramblin on aboot....

Feel free to move/relabel whatever. A few quick LOL remarks from the last 20 minutes...

(Sabrina again????) - barely illegal..in most of the world it wouldnt be...but I dont wanna bring it up again...( fuck off you old diddler)

Josh hosting co has deal with cloud flare..told em Id see them in court withim a week ( lol - yeah that is totes how it works...).... I made a lot of noise over the years, mostly noise ( is this a brief moment of clarity/self awareness??), but now I'm done playing....(oooh he's so butch)

TJ is gonna get pl and nl pulled as well...


Even Odder

A Chan'ner Darkly
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Can Tommy be any more exceptional...

Josh hosting co has deal with cloud flare..told em Id see them in court withim a week
Nigger what?
(Thank you for catching this before your z's)

Edit: claims he is going to go to court if kiwi farms aren't down by the end of the week and name some "rainbow people" as witnesses... What the fuck is he even talking about? He is going to bring his unwashed hippie friends to some gay ass court in Arizona to request they remove something from the internet?! For someone who claims to be a veteran of the internet Ole Toots is looking worse than Boomer tier with his delusions
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GG Allin once threw his poop at me.
If Sgt. Peterson tells Null to take the farms down, what option does he really have other than meekly complying? :story:


True and honest stink ditch
I found it hilarious that quite often he lost his train of thought and got distracted by the bait question in the live chat

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