Warcraft III: Refunded General - How one company managed to mess up a remaster of a 17 year old game.


You've indirectly proven you make money doing mapwork, because only then would you find it faster to edit a custom map to snap this instead of just "Motherland"ing to a Kael'thas map intro ;)
lemmie tell you man, if you ever need to make money selling a service, you're better off selling a service the buyer doesn't understand. people drop 200-400$ on 2 hours worth of work because they just dont understand anything about editing maps.

if it wasn't for this shit I would've quit WC3 years ago, you have no idea how frustrating it is working on something and at any moment Blizzard can come in and break it and not tell you how or why.


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Yongyea talks about the troubles that Blizzard is having with official tournaments.
I don't know if anyone could purposefully sabotage blizzard any better than this!
Does WC3 not have an option to Save games so players can continue on after a drop like how AOE 2 has them?
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Soon Warcraft 3 will fully regress into a cellphone game. I'm going to guess the what the next steps are
Microtransaction - They're doing it for everything else
Remove any and all micro control over your units; you'll just be able to order them to attack or defend.
No more ability to choose where your buildings go - you'll only be able to select a gold mine to send them to and they will build around that area.
Gathering units will assign themselves to an area after being trained.
Matches will automatically end after 10 to 15 minutes.


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WoW (after it went to shit), Diablo 3, mobile Diablo thing, Diablo 4, Starcraft 2 and now this? I will cut you Blizzard-Activision if you fuck Starcraft over, that and Broodwar (despite it's flaws) are my favorites even over Diablo 2 and i love Diablo 2 so
This is the same company that fucked over Overwatch for the sake of China. The fuck do you think?