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Nov 14, 2012
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I'm still trying to figure this puzzle out so help me out. I'm writing this on short notice and with time limitations.

A while back I got a mystifying email from someone warning me I was in legal danger, but it's just to get my attention. This email is essentially an OP for WARDAWG written for me and I'd suggest reading it.

This email included a lot of information, including a link to this video by some shitty muslim going over how WARDAWG was streaming on Twitch.tv and circumvented bans so many goddamn times the Twitch staff actually got into his chat and begged him to stop coming back. The shitty muslim is concern trolling and his video is garbage, but here it is.


I explore this all live in this stream and it includes a lot of my genuine first reactions to this shit.

I discovered in this video that he was in prison for distribution of meth, but he's out. WARDAWG started commented on my stream weeks after the fact trying to get my attention and I did a stream with him I had to remove from YT because WARDAWG doxes his friend's phone number live on air twice.


In this stream he professes his love for me and raps. He announces he's an alien God, the Muhammad of the West, and has a plan to put everyone in a supercomputer.

He's currently trying to build up a viewership and really wants me to stream him but I want him to grow his own audience. He sets his couch on fire, cuts people's names into his arm, and shaves his eyebrows to get people to watch him. I don't encourage people to interact with lolcows but the dude's a genuine methhead and people fucking with him is a flat improvement on his life.
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I first interacted with wardawg in early 2016 maybe a few months later. As another chan owner was in his discord server where cp was shared and he openly admitted to having sex with underage girls. He's always streamed on youtube and twitch but as his drug abuse the more daring he got. There was a point where he lit his underwear on fire too

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws9fcPNi-nc [skype call where he's with his kid and baby mamma]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGuXmkhl4p8 [ lights his underwear on fire ]

Now i wouldnt say nathan crane (yes that's his real name) is the way he is by drugs. Yes drugs did have a part but it branches from his abusive and toxic childhood. He's been arrested constantly and the only reason he's out now is cause the judge felt bad for him and sent him to some rehab house in hopes of actually getting better.


I've been debating on if i should release a documentary on him since our sit down yesterday.


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Sep 16, 2018
A list of some of wardawg's old accounts migrated from the old thread on him
All credit goes to @Squire of Gothos for compiling this list

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Oct 25, 2014
Jesus fuck null. This is probably the dumbest person alive. You sure have some weird friends nowadays. Please start up your own streaming service and make wardawg the flaglolcow. Shit, you could probably setup bots to be in his channel, repeating themselves, and wardawg would literally stream 24/7.

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