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Warframe Community StaffSocial Justice Tumblr Tards Against Their Own Community

Discussion in 'Community Watch' started by Jaimas, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. If there's ever been a repeating process that people who enjoy Vidya have been fucking sick of, it's community managers who give zero fucks about that community getting put in place through nepotism and promptly declaring that game's community to be the source of all of its problems. Veteran Kiwis will note that we've covered a great many cows like this in the past, including Dina Abou Karam, the infamous community manager for Mighty Number 9, who was so infamously bad that she resulted in a chargeback campaign. While this disease has been slowly choked out on several fronts, it continues to spread from community to community as the underpinning ideology behind it, which declares everything must be politicized and propagandized, continues to exact its toll.

    Needless to say, when a similar event seemed to be unfolding in the Warframe community, several Kiwis, myself included, decided to keep an eye on it, and good god, it's a good thing we did. What transpires is a fucking cornucopia of Autism, sufficiently high-proof that it's illegal in some territories that led to a mass ragequit and meltdown worthy of some of the funniest goddamned threads we had here. While this began in early 2018, it only went into full blown core breach mode now, so enjoy.

    This video will give you a pretty good primer on this controversy, if you want the quick-and-dirty rundown prior to the meltdowns. For those who want a more detailed breakdown of how the fuck we got here, or to see the beautiful self-combustion first-hand, follow us into the thread segments below.

    Chapter One - A Guide to the Insanity
    Warframe is a pretty good game, enjoyed by several Kiwis. It's one of the relatively rare examples of a Free-to-Play game done comparatively well, and while it's by no means amazing, it's fun and interesting. Unfortunately for Warframe, it's had harder times recently, in no small part because of a group of perpetually-offended genderspecial Tumblrettes being directly appointed to a position of authority by one of Digital Extremes' staffers, [DE]Danielle, to be chat mods.

    [DE] Danielle mostly appointed these people because she herself is a Tumblrette and all of these assholes are friends of hers, and are all people in Warframe's Guide of the Lotus program, which, while ostensibly intended to help Newbies, has become little more than a self-serving club of ideologues who decide who is going to be fast-tracked into positions of power or not. This is something that a lot of Warframe Youtubers are apparently in on, to boot: corrupt as you can get.

    Once in position, these assholes, basically accountable to no one, promptly set up a chat bot to automatically ban people who use offensive language, which they then applied in increasingly broad ways until the Chat Bot was actually banning people from Region Chat for using in-game terms and tags. They then promptly bragged about it.




    This had the end result of making Region Chat even more useless than it already was. Of course, by coincidence, they also banned anyone remotely critical of them:


    While [DE]Danielle was very effective at getting complaints about the Chat Mods shut down on the official forums, the same could not be said of the official Warframe Subreddit, who had no interest in kissing the ring, as, not content to simply ban people in one region, the mods would routinely go outside region in order to go after people who dared defy them. Note that while these chat mods only have the ability to ban your account from in-game chat (including the trade channel, in-game private messages, and in-game user chat), they all have direct lines to [DE]Danielle and have used her to get people who they didn't like banned.

    When the chat mods managed to avoid any real ramifications in the short term, a lot of people were worried that DE was just going to do their level best to ignore the ongoing problem. What they couldn't count on was the power of weaponized Autism, and once massive pro-GG Sperg William Usher covered the controversy, dozens of Autism Holy War veterans started to cover it.

    Without further ado, let's go into each one of these Autists in turn.

    Chapter Two - FriendzoningMisandrist / Misan / NervousTrashcat

    "Why the fuck is it that it's always troons complaining about the word "Trap?""
    - @KidKitty, demonstrating pattern recognition.


    Tumblr: http://friendzoningmisandrist.tumblr.com (FUCKING DEAD)
    Warframe UserID: https://forums.warframe.com/profile/881017-nervoustrashcat/

    Yes, that fucking username is real. And yes, they were a Tumblr user.

    Pause for a moment and consider, if you will, the shitstorms that would occur if you had a user whose name was BegoneThotChad or RacistKKKMember, and said individual happened to get into a position of authority at any company. Sadly, because identity politics, you can have someone like this get into a position of authority, provided they have the right crazy political angle, and that brings us to this fucking nut.

    While not the biggest autist exposed in this shitstorm, Misan was the first - as well as the first one to go full DFA when shit started to sour. It's actually kind of fascinating, because while the most visible sign of something seriously wrong, Misan was almost irrelevant compared to her "girlfriend."

    Originally with the name FriendzoningMisandrist (same as her Tumblr), Friendzoning Misandrist was a hilarious train-wreck who would complain about Nezha (an effeminite fire-based male warframe) being jokingly called a trap, and complain about rule 63 art (claiming it was transphobic)....

    Before posting unironically posting fucking rule 63 art and Nezha trap shit. There's more of this silliness in the original post I made about them on the Obscure Laughingstocks board. When FriendzoningMisandrist first got outed in the debacle, she immediately changed her screenname to Misan (to dodge scrutiny) and then NervousTrashcat to hide further. She posts comparatively rarely, mostly just innocuous shit on the main forum these days, but make no mistake: This is to stay off the radar of the others.

    You'll see why this was a very good idea in a moment.

    Chapter Three - Telluric / Megarung / Equius

    - Telluric, during her final meltdown, seemingly trying to imitate Vay Hek.


    Tumblr: http://equius.tumblr.com
    Warframe UserID: https://forums.warframe.com/profile/904728-telluric/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/megarung/ (Currently Private)

    FriendzoningMisandrist may have been delightfully spergy, but Telluric is where the real meat and potatoes of this shitstorm lies. Unlike Misan, Telluric is strictly business, and a cow easily on par with Dina Abou Karam.

    From the moment this crap began, Telluric was about twelve times more active than Misan in the controversy, and about 20 times more Autistic. Essentially a counterpart to Vade, with Warframe taking the place of TF2, Telluric fucking hates Warframe's community, men in general, and anyone who would in any way make light of gender or genitals, because that's the exact person you want in charge of things.

    She infamously had this outburst back in 2015:

    While that should probably set the stage for things, you've seen nothing as far as how much of a power-tripping asshole Telluric is. For one, Telluric was the most visibly involved with [DE]Danielle, having her trip to Tennocon paid for by her buddies and having dinner with Danielle while she was there. Appropriately, Telluric infamously turned region chat into her own private little clubhouse, where she bragged that reporting her wouldn't do anything as he has connection with the support staff, and bragged about how she was accountable to basically nobody in her own profile. This was even after she publicly gave bad information to regular users that resulted in their ban, and banned people for memeing.

    Because Telluric kept piling on and doubling down, the shitstorm Telluric started wasn't going to blow over. Naturally, Telluric responded to this by upping her game further, and in response, people dug into her history and her ongoing litany of personal problems. Soon, she was outed by a former friend as being a serial panhandling scam artist who stole thousands from a friend and then ran, and when even Newsweek covered the ongoing scandal in Warframe's community, Digital Extremes finally panicked enough to do something about it. They decided to appoint a community overseer to help manage to ongoing divide between the moderators and community. The problem: The person they appointed was Bear, a personal friend of Telluric's who also paid for Telluric's last trip to Tennocon.

    Appropriately, this did nothing but fan the flames of Autism, and by this point, the Warframe playerbase was completely sick of Telluric's shit. The constant calls for Telluric to be removed started to anger her, and she responded appropriately with the good taste and maturity you've come to expect:

    At this point she used the usual Social Justice Warrior defense, and she posted a bunch of images claiming she was being harassed, and none of it could be in any way substantiated because they were tiny screen-crops with no user data or contextualizing information provided. This, too, did nothing to stem the demands that she step down, and finally, it came to a tipping point this week:


    Telluric claims to have stepped down from her moderator position, but it was pretty clear she was shit-canned, because, well... She didn't exactly go lightly:

    IT BEGINS.png



    Telluric's actually had a bunch of subsdiary sperg-outs in other communities and arguably could support a thread entirely on her lonesome, but we're including her in a megathread because the other ones in this shitstorm aren't big enough for their own threads otherwise.

    In celebration of this event, the Warframe subreddit is now Vorposting (basically Warframe's version of Baneposting) with snippets of Telluric's meltdown.

    Chapter Four - Shadow / Pale White Shadow / PaleWhiteShadow /Hob0 Ninja

    "...I have no idea who this is."
    - Lex Luthor

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/hob0_ninja
    Warframe UserID: https://forums.warframe.com/profile/2005611-shadow/
    Tumblr: http://pale-white-shadow.tumblr.com/

    This guy's involvement is short and sweet, and was over almost as soon as it began, but good god, is it amazing. His meltdown was so fast that it actually happened before the Internet Autism Machine could archive it.

    Yes, it was that quick.

    In the OneAngryGamer article originally covering the article, Shadow, AKA PaleWhiteShadow, showed up to defend m'lady Telluric. After identifying himself as a moderator, Shadow then proceeded to declare he was the last bastion against the cancerous scum that was region chat.

    Do you know what's more Autistic than William Usher? Sperg-fighting William Usher on his own website, losing, and then calling him a Nigger repeatedly in the comments while you're supposed to be a chat mod. There's no record of that last part: Shadow deleted everything, and since it was on Disqus there's little way of getting it back. You can see traces of it in the OAG thread though, and many people in the Warframe subreddit saw it happen.

    What's especially baffling about Shadow is that despite being an ardent defender of Telluric and friends, he barely posts on the forums and no one has any idea who in the fuck he is. So someone nobody knows anything about, is accountable to no one, and has no known qualifications, and frankly has freaked the fuck out on multiple occasions has been somehow handed the authority to moderate Region Chat.

    ....And then he ragequit because Telluric was shit-canned.

    There's a bunch more, including Server, Bear, and numerous minor chat mods, many of whom are still pulling this shit in region chat to this day. We'll be covering them in detail soon enough, but for now it's enough to get up the details on the first and funniest.
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    Jaimas American Shotgun Doggo
    True & Honest Fan Wiki Sysop

  2. Lmao, this is literally the /r/planetside drama all over again. It only needs a "write an essay saying you're sorry and why the word trap is transphobic to be unbanned" for it to be complete.
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  3. sounds like this won't end until this Danielle person is removed, she seems to be at the root of the whole thing
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    BigRuler lmao bottom text

  4. Two things:

    1 - I'm legit surprised AGGP still don't have a thread.
    2 - Danielle is the main source of the problem no doubt. Any youtuber or Guide who's friends with her is protected until it blows up. Telluric, Server and Misan only got fucked over when specifically reddit and a few youtubers made a noise and forced Rebecca to answer by tagging her everywhere and asking nonstop on devstream twitch chat. If we had to point a start on her bullshit, it was when a youtuber and guide by the name of Fostinator made a tweet about Trump: he didn't declare his support for him IIRC, but defended people right to support the Orange - it was enough to remove him from the Guides, and he made a video about it and Danielle offered the position back, then she saw the criticism video and rescinded it.

    Problem is, Danielle is personal friends with the two main PR figures, Rebecca and Megan, so don't expect anything other than chat mods getting fucked.
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  5. Huh. And I was considering getting into this game. I'd just played the first bit of the tutorial last night and was thinking of giving it a proper go this weekend.

    This has me wondering whether I should bother...
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    moocow Moo.

  6. Part of the reason I stopped playing Warframe because of stuff like this. I'm not the type of player who uses slurs or is a meanie-pants to people, I'm there to play the game. But I do not want to exist under power-tripping SJWs who will arbitrarily ban people, where there is no ability to appeal because nepotism is the rule. I do not want to promote it, and I do not want to be invested into an environment like that.

    I have hundreds of hours over the course of years in Warframe, with somewhere around 100 positive reviews on Warframe Market (trading is the true end-game). I'm done. The same could be said for Rainbow Six Siege.

    The real question, is Quite Shallow/Quiet Shy trans?
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  7. IMO you can keep going. The region chat can be disabled, and the rest are clan/trade/recruit chat, so you'll see zero shit talking or stupid modding.
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  8. I haven't played Warframe in a while but region chat is essentially barrens chat in world of Warcraft
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  9. This is fantastic work, thank you
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    True & Honest Fan

  10. Holy shit, I had no idea the story behind this was so bad.
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    YayLasagna I still love you

  11. People getting offended over the word trap will never seize to amaze me.

    Traps will do more for transgender acceptance than anything Tumblr will ever do, change my mind. It's people like that power tripping bitch that hold the LGBT community and trans community back. She'd probably white knight for Yaniv or any member of the Rat King.
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    Annie Fire-Bear Cyberbully Girl

  12. If there's anything I've learned about the Warframe community...it's that they are extremely crafty motherfuckers.

    Trying to Streisand Effect them in any way is not going to end well. And I look forward to how this evolves past mere Vorposting.
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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime Resident KF Transformers Expert

  13. Moral of the story: Don't hire Snowflake tumblrina genderspecials. Ever.
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    Sinners Sandwich

    Sinners Sandwich Eid, Pmurt, Eid

  14. First of all, I’d like to say this is a fantastic and entertaining work. I’m getting some old GamerGate vibes from this one. It may be because of Usher or the blatant SJW cronyism going on. Could also be the kneejerk reaction of calling every critic every possible slur you can think of while claiming to be a victim.

    What is Danielle’s exact position at DE? Also, I’m curious, since I don’t play the game, about the general atmosphere and reactions of the player base in general. I’ve seem one side of this story, from a source that seems dedicated to bitch and complain. Are the players generally tumblresque or is this a common occurrence to see players hate on the mods?
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    Outer Party Member

    Outer Party Member 6079 Smith W

  15. The playerbase is completely chill. Assholes exist but they're not even a sizable population. My favorite incident and example of problems being self-correcting was this one asshole complaining that we were slowing him down, when I (and three other people I had never met before) all hit the same wavelength and crouch-walked the entire map while making Sanic jokes until the guy ragequit.

    Suffice to say, most of the playerbase treats Region Chat as the fucking leper colony it is. The bigger problem people have had with this shitstorm, and indeed, have always had with it, is the fact that someone like Telluric (for example) not only being given preferential treatment and a position of power, but doing so while being actively community-hostile. No one would have given a shit if she acted like a Mod was supposed to, but that was never her intent. She got her position, she proceeded to act like a cunt to everyone who even tangentially disagreed with her, she openly shit-talked the community she was supposed to represent, and went into a bitter, spiteful, hate-filled meltdown when the community refused to roll over and take it.
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    #15 Jaimas, Feb 2, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2019

    Jaimas American Shotgun Doggo
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  16. I said this before in the community discussion before this thread came up. Trannies DESPISE traps because most - if not all of them - actually pass due to actually putting in the effort. It's a combination of bitter self-hatred combined with lazy opportunism.
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    KidKitty Official Junior Shitposter

  17. What a depressing spectacle. I don't play it much any more, but I really enjoyed Warframe's frenetic pace. It's also a pretty forgiving game unless you're completely incompetent.
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    Capsaicin Addict

    Capsaicin Addict Just a fellow who loves spicy food.

  18. To be honest, since yesterday I think he legit stepped down. Him alone holding the bomb is kinda bizarre for DE since they're ignoring the exceptional mod situation as much as they can while pretending to change the mod policies, and reminder that DEBear (the mod supervisor who recently joined) is friends with all the problem mods.

    cap4.PNG Capturar.PNG Capturar2.PNG Capturar3.PNG
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  19. "Blah blah blah I feel so bad I got caught and dropped my shit-flavored spaghetti all over twitter in a fit of autistic rage thinking the same nepotism that got me into my position would keep me there in spite of customer opinion."

    Please let the door slam you on the way out.
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    KidKitty Official Junior Shitposter

  20. It doesn't matter either way. Telluric is a massive sperg and the community is richer for having gotten rid of her.
    So let's keep going.

    Chapter Five - Bear / [DE]Bear / BearWinters

    "Every great downfall can always be traced back to one thirsty cuck that gave in too much."
    - Some Asshole on Reddit

    There's better images of Bear out there. I chose this one because that expression is hilarious.

    Earlier we touched on Telluric, Misan, Shadow, and the trio's numerous power-trips, so let's discuss the allgeed solution to the moderator abuse problem: Bear. Bear was brought in by [DE]Rebecca, or so it was claimed, on the official Subreddit, who by this point was about ready to have Telluric burned at the stake in effigy:

    The problem, of course, is that Bear was (and still is by all accounts) friends (and possibly more than friends) with Telluric and Misan for quite some time before this. In essence, [DE]Danielle had appointed the new overseer of the Chat Mods to be someone who was already a friend of theirs and would perform no effective oversight whatsoever, and, as demonstrated in Telluric's section, already paid for her trip to Tennocon previously.

    To quote one of the heads of the Warframe Subreddit:

    Fittingly, DE showed no desire to clean house, but the Community wasn't going to shut the fuck up just because they were fed a few scraps. In Bear's defense, he seems a decent enough fellow, but he's clearly friends with every member of the corrupted Chat Mods, including Telluric, Misan, and Server, and despite his insistences, he's had no luck winning the trust of the community, and they have no intention of going silent about it. Bear is much more engaged than the other Chat moderators, and while he's been comparatively attentive and abuses have slowed down a lot, that's not enough to allay the community's rage. It would be almost tragic, were it not fucking stupid.

    Chapter Six - Server / CephalonServer

    "Dear diary: The cool kids still won't let me play with them. They make fun of my man-tits, my feminine penis, and of my open relationship with me, my girlfriend, and Tyrese. I sit alone in my room, drinking soy tard cum, respecting women, and calling everyone I don't like alt-right. The cool kids all make the spiciest memes, and have big Youtube channels. Well my Youtube channel only has one subscriber, and it's my mom. I can't make memes, I'm not funny, I'm not clever, and I'm not talented, which is why I work at VICE. But I'll show them. I'll show all of them! Just as soon as I make one final upload to my Youtube channel!"
    - Count Dankula, Mocking a VICE Reporter, and accurately describing Server.

    Server is a former lover of Telluric's. No, really. Server was.
    That alleged "girlfriend" that Telluric mentioned on Tumblr that was also a chat mod? That was Server.

    Telluric kind of gets around, as is the case for these sort of infestations. Logically, when Server found out that the community was daring to disparage Telluric, and bringing up the numerous ways the group's shitty chatbot was fucking up the game, Server was having none of that shit, and proceeded to flood false information to cover for Telluric's abuses, after demanding that the Warframe Subreddit "come at me, you limp dick fucks." Suffice to say Server got ruthlessly mocked and proceeded to very bravely look like a cowardly idiot.


    Server set in for a protracted siege, and those watching them quickly realized: Server fucking hates the community. I'm not going to waste your time with spurious links on this one because if you've seen Server bitch once about rape threats from the community, you've seen 'em all. Point is, Server went to internet war to protect Telluric. So when the dust settled, and DE was forced to make concessions to save their own asses, how did Telluric reward Server for all this loyal service?

    ....By cucking Server, of course.

    What's especially strange about this incident is that Server seemed to not give a shit, or at least didn't have any public acknowledgment of it, going from calling Telluric their significant other, to a friend in just 3 days. As if to get more surreal, Telluric then began discussing a hypothetical wedding with their new paramour mere days later, with Server continuing to say and do nothing about it, but scuttlebutt is that Telluric is a fucking whore and fucks most if not all of her former exes.

    Permit me to demonstrate with some interesting shit from the hacker known as "Fourchan."

    telluric and Server 1.jpg

    You get some more fun from Telluric, like how despite being an alleged FTM, Telluric really loves the dick.

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    Jaimas American Shotgun Doggo
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