WARNING: Do not help "Isabel Rosa Araujo"

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Jul 24, 2013
Philip "Pablo Felicia Ahuviya Isabel Rosa Rotem Harel" Vincent Haskins-Delici is an unstable and not-medicated individual who is prone to outbursts, violence, and impotent threats.

In the past, Ahuviya has beaten his own disabled mother simply because she did not want him to waste money on his cosplaying hobby. He has beaten his previous girlfriend Maria Pupo in a public bookstore because of her refusal to purchase things for him as well. He has been forcibly removed from an Occupy Portland event due to his racist views. He has repeatedly lied about his father raping him on July 4th to encourage donations from sympathizers, even after admitting his father is a kind and loving man.

Ahuviya will lash out at any person, group, or race that displease him. He is quick to issue death threats against protesters, and the populations of both Oregon and Washington State. He has wished genocide of the Jews because a clinic that hasn't treated him for at least two years denied him a letter of referral, even going so far as to attack people who have given him money for calling him out on his antisemitism.

Ahuviya is notorious for abusing and taking advantage of others for as long as he can. Previous victims of Ahuviya's abusiveness can be found on this forum, in @tweaker the cat, who was kind enough to do an AMA, and @Phil's Favorite Footlong who Phil was obsessed with in college. A recent visit to his mother resulted in him declaring her dead and himself an orphan, because she would not pay to have his testicles removed. On August 22nd, 2015, Ahuviya was accepted into the home of two kind women because he claimed to be in need. Within two days he was politely and peaceably removed because of antisocial behavior and faking suicide threats.

This resulted in Ahuviya pretending to be suicidal for the sixth time in 2015 alone. He has now taken to Facebook to slander them and demand that they are banned from a meeting place they never went to, and he is retroactively fearful for his life had they been warned about him earlier.

Even more shockingly, Ahuviya has been known to sexually harass people helping him. One of his long-time friends (and by far one of his most supportive) in the trans community recently cut all ties with him, even after previously giving him other contacts to mooch of of. This was after, quote: "They ... asked me to fig them. I refused and they started squealing and the front desk called and asked if everything was OK, and said that they almost called the police. ... [Figging is] when you take a ginger root, carve it into a buttplug, and shove it up someone's anus, really painful sensations."

Ahuviya is a beneficiary of Social Services, but will squander it on tattoos and other non-necessities. He will beg for others to give him money, food, or a place to stay without any intent of paying them back for resources used, despite potentially having the ability to.

Ahuviya is homeless by choice. He brags about receiving "cisbux", then spends it on awful and insensitive tattoos, bondage wear and S&M gear, sex toys, clothing that doesn't fit, and many other useless toys that appeal to him. He is known to simply ignore his debts, such as when he recently racked up hundreds of dollars on his cell phone bill, terminated his contract with them, and then joked about it on his Facebook profile. If you give him any sort of financial support, you will never see it again.

Ahuviya Harel is a violent and abusive monster.
He has no regrets for beating disabled women
For lying about being raped
For threatening suicide for attention and personal gain.

If you offer him assistance he will take you for all that he can.
Once this aid is gone he will spread lies about you to any mutual friends or organizations.
There is a documented history of his antisocial behaviors
There is nothing to be gained from helping Ahuviya.

You do so at your own risk.


Huge thanks to @hood LOLCOW for making the evidence publicly visible.
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