Warren Lynch Shitpost General - TRUE and HONEST (former) John Flynt for Congress campaign worker

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Warren Lynch is a fucking soyboy psychopath generally okay dude and maybe still slightly a psychopath but that's okay who is apparently working for John's scampaign because he has it in his autistic head that he's the cousin of @RepStephenLynch and likewise thinks that said cousin is a faggot murderer. Let us shitpost together about a human being who has failed so catastrophically that he finds himself working for a "campaign" that is a transparent phantom.

I will feel sorry for this Stee until I inevitably find out that she strangles cats as a hobby.


EDIT 6/8/2018: @W person cow joins the thread at the bottom of page 41. Now this is grassroots campaigning!

EDIT 6/17/2018: After slaving away for the John Flynt campaign and doing pretty much all of the work that John wasn't doing, our boy may have been let go from John's staff, but that's okay because he has 30 other pee-oh-cees working for him anyway, right?
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Sissy Galvez

This is who John is paying to go up to potential voters and tell them to vote for him
and ask for signatures lmfao.

He should have saved money to buy professionals instead of blowing it on potbelly and trips to discuss gamergate.


Anyone with a burner Facebook account interested in making an offering to the god of lulz? Warren Lynch and the Young Jurks radio show crew are diehard Bernie supporters. I’m sure friends and fans will be curious to seeBrianna’s own Tweets about Bernie especially where she insults his voters and calls them GamerGaters.


"I still can't get over the fact that a U.S. Congressman came up to me in public yesterday, and picked me out in a crowd of people so he could make fun about my deceased mom."

The crazy fuck is still digging the hole.

If this happened, they why the fuck wouldn't he have mentioned it during yesterday's stupid rant?

Stephen Lynch doing this would be everything that Brianna "Professioal Victim" Wu would want. There is no fucking way that Frank wouldn't be getting Brianna to reeee all the way to the media over this. Fuck you Warren, you stupid loon.


"Warren Lynch I was gathering signatures for his opponent and he came up to me and said I can't possibly be his cousin like people said I was. I said yeah maybe, maybe not, but we sure do look alike and have the same last name, and my aunt says you're my distant cousin. He says "who's your aunt" and I tell him my aunt's name. Then he's like "who's ya fathuh?" "who's ya mothuh?" And then starts asking me about my mom. Made me bust out crying in front of everybody. So then I shouted at him in front of everybody that he ought to resign because he tells everybody he wants to MURDER GAY PEOPLE. He said that's not true, and I said it IS true, you WROTE a law about it in 1996, and WHO'S MAKING UP STORIES NOW, STEPHEN LYNCH? And then a bunch of his buddies started with me. It was a big mess."


True & Honest Fan
In an era where everyone has a smart phone with HD recording it's such a funnier lie to tell that an elected official at a big crowd meeting where press would be, just walks up to someone and insults the dead. This story would make you sound insane in 1850, it's 2018. There is no way anyone could fall for this.

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