Was Terry A. Davis a prophet? - I'd like to think he was.

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To me, he does seem genuinely a prophet. He had his faith and did his works and lived homeless while traveling through "the cities of Israel". He did not profit off his works like other so called "prophets" have and who have gained fame and money (like that one guy who had a bible that can supposedly leak oil). He spoke the truth, many controversial statements that one wouldn't normally hear from a false prophet like racism or CIA niggers. He even stated that God should be understood as being "anthromorphic" in nature and that Jesus was racist/a rockstar.

Plus he has TempleOS to his credibility which does seem to be the 3rd Temple of God.

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creating an operating system while suffering from something as drastic as schizo is really something. he had the intelligence to do it, but unfortunately, not the mental state. the fact that after he was out on the streets before his passing, rambling about the things he was is kind of confirmation that he was a very unstable man. friendly to the people that offered to feed and interact with him for the trade of an interview, sure, but he was still not necessarily right in the head.
quite unfortunate, honestly. he really had the potential to make something great, but fell short of it due to the cruelty of the broken mind he was locked inside of.
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