watch this, please - 4/3/2019 - Gorl apologizes, kind of

Whale Lake 2

Your Favourite Tchaikowski Ballet
In the next video she'll be crying and telling another story from her past and how it influenced her to get to 600lbs, saying that it's not right that it all happened to her and her only and it's not like she could've gotten therapy for it, instead of stuffing her throat like a seagull.

And, once again, the circle will be complete, and she'll be ready to choose another fad diet.

"Those last videos were pre-recorded and I put them up because I did work on them and edit them but my perspective has completely changed."

Foregoing the fact that that's a crock, what work?? Making faces at the haydurs and eating half a party platter of shrimp was work? All she had to do was turn the camera on for her typical Tuesday night.

"OOOOH no filter is NOT kyuut."

Oh my god she actually recognizes it, she's actually starting to realize she might just be a teeny tiny bit unattractive at her weight.

"I feel like by [taking my weight loss off the internet], I'm losing a lot of people who supported me."

*subscribed to me. Anybody else feel like she's a little nasally here (not so much cunt nasally this time but sick nasally)? God is comin' for you gorl.

"Now I don't have any way of being accountable."

Oh my g o d you have a gorlfriend who unfortunately loves you, ask her to hold you accountable. Hold yourself accountable, I'm sure that's written on one of your shitty inspirational throw pillows or something.

more bullshit about how the videos were pre-recorded and she never intended to not show her weight loss

So if she was editing so much, why not edit that part out? I don't even think she said anything about not showing her weight loss anymore until the end of her video on April Fools.

"I have a responsibility to show my journey on Youtube and to let people realize and know that they are not alone" Starting to catch onto what's happening here.
So Amber got pissed, decided she wasn't going to show her weight loss anymore and she was just going to be the Amberlynn Show where people supported her and her 600+lb self in all of her Chinese buffet adventures. She didn't realize the entertainment factor in her channel was her "tryeen" to lose wait and failing miserably, and if she's not tryeen anymore, nobody gives a shit about her smug, boring personality. So she hopped back on Youtube and begged for her subscribers back.
But here's the thing! Our gorl is a narcissist, plain and simple. She can't just apologize and admit that she gasp did something to push people away. She never even meant what she said, guise! Her whole like everything was totally different when the videos went up. So she returned for her desperate overweight audience members who see Amberlynn as a beacon of hope, because in the last five years she has given fat people such inspiration, and she can't abandon her poor fans who would be helpless without her...Our hero Amberlynn makes a humble return, for the other fat girls who need her. Amber exists as the candle in the dark, the blanket around your shoulders, the whisper in the wind when it speaks to you, "Everything will be okay..."

Bullshit, bitch. Give us a live weigh-in, then we'll forgive you.


Daddy needs his feel good juice
like what is even the point of these videos lmao like ok gorl so much stuff is going on yadda yadda same old song and dance and sob story

is she going to change? no
is she going to take anyone's advice? no
is she going to get professional help with any of her issues weight/psych or otherwise? no
is she going to stay in this cycle of failure and try to be manipulative to people while monetising her own self destruction? YUP

other than proving that something as marginal as a subscriber loss is going to break her, nothing is new under the sun.

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