watch this, please - 4/3/2019 - Gorl apologizes, kind of


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She hasn’t lost anything until she loses views. If her subs go down to 40k but she has the same views on her channel as always, she’ll still make money. No need for a tugboat or Becky to leave for a long time. All these people unsubbing are still going to watch so it’s ultimately meaningless.

Her Sorry video was a Snapchat video that she put on YouTube.


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Here's the thing.. After a few days of this I realized that it's both great and stupid.

On one hand, watching her subs plummet like never before is fun. Watching her scramble in the first 48 hrs was fun. Wondering what the tension has been like for the past few days in their house was fun. And watching reaction videos was entertaining.

On the other hand, she will inevitably realize that her views are the same, and will continue to be the same or increase regardless of what her sub numbers are. The quick scramble we got might be the only thing we will get out of this, because of her realization that her views are still there. She will be back to 130k eventually because people are dumb and sub to her, even though it's unnecessary. She will keep making money on ads because people are dumb and don't use ad block. This can potentially be over as of tonight (things have slowed down in the past 4 hrs), unless her video tomorrow is a huge mess like the other two (it's about weight-loss).

I agree that it's been fun to watch, but I also agree that this is also kind of stupid too. It got a bit of a reaction and did provide entertainment, but it's not going to be a big thing unless people smarten up and stop going to her channel without ad block, or just stop altogether. That's never going to happen.

Wow. I mean really, :story:I've been following this gorl's shitshow for a while but WOOOWWW this video was honestly fucking hilarious. Poor gorl. Loses some subs and feigns the worst apology I've ever heard. Also anyone notice that fucking thumbnail? Great job Amber. Lost close to 10k subs by now and boy is she on damage control.

I'm feeling optimistic now. Maybe we'll get a true weight reveal. Maybe we'll get to see her ankles. Maybe we'll get the truth about her and Becky. :optimistic::optimistic::optimistic::optimistic:

Or maybe the cycle will repeat. Yeah probably that.


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I wish I was a suicide squad poster on her bedroom wall yesterday to hear her and Eric bitch about how stupid subscribers are and her planning this apology video.

She took such a sub drop, but tomorrow when she uploads the views will be high to see what she says next because most those unsubscribers will still come watch it. They all need to watch a react video to really shake her.

Wake me up

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So sincere, Amber. :like:
Not to mention this is a 180° from her immediate previous videos. If anyone is buying this "oh I have absolutely changed my mind on this since two minutes ago, it's absolutely not about the backslash I received, I have even changed my mind before I posted these pre-recorded videos" then that person deserves a thread of their own here. I think it's obvious she's doing damage control, virtue signaling and nothing else.
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