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I have no idea how to explain this. He appeared on /k/ in this thread begging for money:

Apparently a failed businessman and alcoholic, he has had many websites, and they are all full of outright scizophrenic posts combining "liberal" themes and causes with "JEWS DID 9/11" as well as the idea that Yelp stole his business.

Based on a quick look through his post histories, he appears to have discovered 4chan recently and bought into the jew hating meme.

Here's a few I found:


Youtube (full of selfie videos):

I don't know if he qualifies as a lolcow, but there's definitely a lot of material to pick over.


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the tweet he's responding to
Of course he has a gofundme page because who doesn't nowadays

His meet me page on his POTUS website
Meet Wayne

I’m Wayne, Wayne lambright. Age 46 and on election day, I’ll be 48. Born Halloween, 1968. My core solution is also my recipe for life. Honesty, transparency and Failures. In the year I was born, evidently Man had just landing on the moon.
Yes I’m one of those. This is why you need to go grab a chair.

My mother gave birth to me at age 18, my parents were divorced by the age of four. My younger brother and I raised ourselves, I woke up to no parents, made breakfast and lunch for my younger brother and I. Came home alone and did my chores. A pivotal point in my life was when I went to live with my Father in Washington state in the summer of 1982 for what became the first two years of high school at Deer Park High. I always loved my father, who took us fishing, hiking, shooting .22 at bottles and cans and introduced me to higher education and always encouraged me that I could do anything in life, especially to be President of the United States. My father had many strengths for surviving a lifetime of child abuse by his mother now deceased Jill Woolby, survived by my grandfather Leonard Woolby in Valinda California. My father was accused of Child Molestation and while I was not sexually assaulted, I was abused and forced to walk around naked for his enjoyment. What made it worse is that everybody in school knew my father was a child molester. In June of 1984 I finished my sophomore year. I participated in FFA, I had full chores which included taking care of 3 pigs, 20 chickent, four dogs, two horses and one milk cow “peaches” who I milked each day at 5:30/am/pm, I also helped my father on weekend by going into the Chawela forest to bring home three cord of standing dead wood with US Forest service timber permits. Which the next day we drove to Spokane and sat with a sign on the front of our 1955 Chevy dualie truck ‘green’ and waited for somebody to buy the wood at $120 a cord. I had a worm farm and made money selling worms. I used my money to buy a 1968 Yamaha snowmobile and a 1977 Kawasaki KE 175. My father was a farrarior and sold real estate. I moved back to California to Montclair to live with my Mother and new step Father “Steven” who was angry most of the time and he was recovering from a cocaine addiction and bankruptcy. My mother was his third wife named Brenda. While he might sound like a douche he’s really not all the time, he makes my mother happy and that made me happy. I worked during high school at Olie’s Hardware store and was on the Swim, WaterPolo and Diving team. I bought a BMW 320 used which lead to my career at Savage BMW that paid for community college at Mt. Sac. I was a mortgage Banker for four years, sold commodities for four months at Monex, than sold BMW, LandRover and Porsche at different dealerships in Newport Beach and Marin California, in the fall of 1999, I quite my job to go to work for Wayne. No consulting, I decided to go into the software business. I Pioneered many early ineternet conceps such as “ and” in 1997.

1999-present to come in October 2016. My core thinking is ‘Honesty, transparency and Failures’.

As your President, I’ll tell you only the truth and the whole truth. I have nothing to gain but your trust and all to lose, America.

Are you ready to listen? Lets get started.

His fucking Youtube description is the best:
Shameless geek, sharing my experience running a few web sites. I actually do care about every human and we all have unlimited potential. My life goal is to save human life and end suffering. I'm a distinguished Toastmaster. What is that? I'm a samurai with spoken language. My philosophies are SunTzu, Tao Te Ching. When People say it's not about the money? Its about the money. My friend taught me it's ShowBusiness not ShowFriends. (His IRL phone number), my home land line, open to business ventures.
Takin on Project Harpoon

This dude is the fucking best:lol::lol::lol::lol:
Is this dude a troll....

"I was a distinguished Toast Master"

His website
The only person on his site is him, what a surprise...

He is so salty about Safeway

9/11 was an inside job
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You youngsters are a riot. How can I help you shame me more.
In case you're wanting to establish that you're the person of interest that this thread is about, I'd like to ask you to cooperate in some way in regards to confirming your identity as to avoid people who are trying to simply troll by pretending to the be person of interest. Without confirmation we have no reason to believe that you're the genuine article.
I have sent you a private message and we can work out the methods for verifying your identity there.
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