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@lambright I just watched your second video man. It was really well done. Consider me a new fan of yours. If you are open to answering more questions, I just want to ask your opinion on the way healthcare is done in social democratic countries, especially in the Nordic region. There are individuals who say that if the United States had universal healthcare it would be as bad as the kind that they have in Cuba but I beg to differ on that notion. Would you agree or disagree and why?

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Do you think that skim milk is unamerican? It's such a waste of perfectly good milk, mixing it with water and turning a perfectly good product into a large quantity of unusable, disgusting waste.
I mean, we don't water down alcohol and call it 'Skim Beer', why do we do the same with milk?

Whats with the "Jews did 9/11" Thing?
1. Why? Just a mean Jew thing they did?
2. Why don't you think it was the crazy guys raging at us about their moon-god a pedophile told them about?


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My 2nd video. Last for today.
Have no fear, Herr Lambright. I, the renowned and revered spiritual figure of peace and love known around the world by the name of Adolf Eichmann, shall stand with you in your brave struggle against the worldwide Jewish menace. It is a great man indeed who loves his people and his race enough to rise above the terror and lies inflicted by the great race of rats. Seig Heil to you, Herr Lambright.