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Just saw harpoon video, and to be fair most of the advice is good, he comes off like the mentor from a 90's after school special. What kind of White Knight tried to play daddy to 4chan, and /pol/ of all boards


P.S. DAT finger washing

Mark Corrigan

Jeremy's autistic friend
My 2nd video. Last for today.
Wayne, at first I thought you were a joke, but when you said:

"You talk about ending corruption in the FBI, do you have any concrete measure/plans for this or plan of action?
- Yes, I do"


"I have a LOT to offer to the American people, most importantly, TRUTH, HONESTY and my personal failures and my willingness to talk about them and not sugarcoat the bullshit"

it was then that I realised that you are a TRUE and HONEST patriot and a man America needs and deserves in those trying times. Godspeed, sir. You have my vote. Or you would, if I were actually American.
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Lesbian Sleepover

Party Announcement
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I'm trying to add a photo, I drag and drop, its only 1 mg. I won't allow me to upload it either.
This is my girlfriend of almost seven year. Angela VonBuelow. She was wonderful, until she wasn't.
I watched the videos. Sounds like she had a Lesbian Move-In Party. Announcement.

Charles A. Woodward
Wayne decided to form new political movement Seeds, should we feel left out since he named only & in the title of his video?

@lambright why do you hate insects and what will you do about it if you become next President? 2016-03-16 16-01-54.png
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i don't believe it
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Checklist for LOLcow: Long on opinions, short on facts. Check. Doesn't know the difference between the two, CHECK. Loves to hear himself talk (since nobody else does) Check. Loosely, infrequently acquainted with soap and washcloth, check. No sense of historical perspective or logical analysis, check. Government welfare check, righto. Autism... check, check, and checkmate.