Culture We Analyzed More Than 1 Million Comments on 4chan. Hate Speech There Has Spiked by 40% Since 2015 - VICE


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Niggers, kikes, faggots, trannies, sandniggers, honkies, gooks, chinks, dotheads, abos, redskins, pakis, slant-eyes, and potatoniggers.

Just a few of the many groups I love and respect as fellow human beings.

(Not the Dutch, though. Fuck them)
You also forgot Polacks, they might as well be separate from honkies. Eastern Europeans are a different breed.

That said, yadda yadda, article dumb.

of course "hate speech" is up 40% when you cherry pick comments, while changing the definition of "hate speech" to mean "opinions that are different than mine".
That's true, though. They probably took all the posts responding to someone with just nigger, which is a common occurrence, and counted it as hate speech. Same with -fag, which has been part of chan culture for ages.

pwnest injun

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Tim Tam explains:

The Media Has Driven The Left Insane, This Data Proves It. Since the beginning of the 2010s there has been a dramatic increase in far left social justice terminology appearing in news articles. This coincides with the launch of many leftist media companies who saw a quick path to profit by enraging people on social media.

The plan worked and according to Lexis Nexis data social justice and intersectional feminism began to skyrocket at media outlets.

The left then was inundated with constant content highlighting very specific ideological positions resulting in an ever increasingly unhinged left.

Today we see the results censorship, demonetization, and physical conflict in the streets. As media was particularly hostile to conservatives from the get go it seems that this pushed moderates and conservative individuals into a space unto their own resisting the increasing unhinged rhetoric coming from these ragebait websites. What happened with Steven Crowder is inevitable as outrage culture is a proven tactic for gaining power.


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This looks more like damage control to me. 4chan is rough and silly, but it's generally one of the last bastions of free speech. They are a threat, so... "here is a reason why all the truth coming out of a very diverse group of people shouldn't be listened to," type of preemptive strike.


I wouldn't start from here.
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As VICE have lost their contract with HBO, you can expect more of this, sending film crews around the world is expensive. Sitting a bunch of unpaid interns in front of a computer is cheap.

OP ED copy in general is cost effective, recently a VICE journalist turned up at a free speech comedy club in London. I read the first few paragraphs and my first thought was, 'I bet he had to pay his own entry fee'.

VICE is still sort of a reputable brand, so an activist/journalist can describe himself as working for VICE he can get credentialed and allowed access to people/events he wouldn't normally get. VICE doesn't have any money but it's got a brand, so for activists with wealthy parents it's an ideal match.

Another example of this is the Independent, which despite stopping it's print edition and losing all its editorial staff years ago, still has people wandering around describing themselves as 'Journalists' at the Independent, they get invited on TV shows as such.

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of course "hate speech" is up 40% when you cherry pick comments, while changing the definition of "hate speech" to mean "opinions that are different than mine".
I'm sure a good chunk of the "hate speech" is just slur words that they've decided are bad without reason. Like, if your post contains the word "nigger" no matter the context that's the same to them as you writing a lengthy screed about how blacks should be exterminated. You could say "nigger" as in "those privileged woke progtards are all a bunch of hypocrites, they're the ones who think black people are subhuman niggers because they get enraged any time a black person doesn't defer to their enlightened superiority" and it would flag. You'd get called hateful to black people because you are accusing the wrong white people of being hateful to black people and Vice can't have that.

It's narrative-crafting. Reminds me of that one mass shooter, forget his name, but he had a Gab amount he posted a ton on so see everyone, that's proof that Gab is a racist platform! Except he also had a Twitter account he posted on like 100 times a day. But we don't talk about little details like that in our hitpiece article.


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This thread had me racking my brains for names of newsmen with integrity. All I can name are trolls and satirists. I'd trust most randos on this site before the spin doctors clogging up the journalistic profession.

Since we're talking hateful unpersons in this thread, does anybody else miss Godfrey Elfwick?
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