we need to talk.... - 8/26/2019 - (Day 69 of this 100-Day Nightmare)



Will update with recap. Edit: RECAP!

we need to talk.... - 8/26/2019 (Day 69 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- Hamber is addressing us, directly, the audience. "We need to do a little bit of talkeen" (Except she won't do any listeneen because she clearly doesn't listen to OUR talkeen.)

- References the "100 Days of Uploadeen".

- TimelineLynn is now telling us that Video #69 is THREE WEEKS since the one posted as Video #68.

- Blames this on "the backlog". And now we get to see the "THREE WEEKS" of content.

*going back in time music*

- She wants to talk? AGAIN? BEFORE? We were ALREADY talking!

- Heart palpitations! Blame it on the mood stabilizers! She's up to 100mg (that's the 4x initial dosage, 'member?)

- Oh noes! She's freaking out about heart palpitations (without once pronouncing it correctly)! (No freakin' DUH, Hamber. Your heart IS DYEEN.)

- She gonna see a "HEART DOCTOR"!?

(FutureLynn Narration): "It was caffeine! I'm glad I was able to figure that out" (So, no doctor's visit? Did she just Google that? Cool. Thanks for the LAH, whichever one of the TimeLordLynns was the LAH.)

- Been a week now. So behind! More BOOK CLUB? ALL of them are "MUST REED YOU GUYZ".
("The Treatment" by Suzanne Young - we knew about that
"Broken Glass" by V.C. Andrews
"Beautiful" by Amy Reed
"Dirty Rush" by Taylor Bell)

- Hamber has read SO MUCH that she can't remember what the books were about without checking the cover flaps. Cool.

- Scooter-level SHOPPING AT WOMMART and waggling finger at hair bands!
(Plug for Carmex for SLATHERING ON DEM LIPS.)
(Plug for Greenies Pill Pockets for DOGS WIF PILLS.)

- Movie Night! Watching "Long Shot".

- Even more days later. DingyBra appearance! MOAR BOOK. MOAR CRYEEN. MUST REED. (Rubbing it on her moonface it's so good!)
("Bright Side" by Kim Holden)

*back! to the future!*

- Blaming the mood stabilizers on no energy, not getting out of bed, no drive to film videos.

- BUH-ROO-TALLEE Honest. Hamber has done NOTHING for three weeks.

- It's NOT because she's physically unable! Don't you dare blame her 600-elbees for this! It's ALL her MENTAL you guyz!

- Oh, she needs to exercise her non-brain muscles? The thing we've yelled at her to do for months/years? Good thing "WE'RE" talking in this video...

- Going to talk to the psychiatrist in a few days to complain about the dosage of her meds.

- Plug for her FitBit, actually claiming she's counting steps, monitoring heart rate, tracking sleep. (Will we ever see any of the "tracking"? All signs point to "no".)

- EditLynn actually censored her cussing. Her sleep is THAT BAD, Y'ALL. (Will THAT be blamed on her 600 elbees? Nah.)

- Blaming her dark undereyes on "I can't sleep!" after admitting sometimes she sleeps for "up to 10 hours" but "it's not the GOOD kind of sleep". And it's ALL THE MEDICINE'S FAULT!

- All of her "friends" have told her she's not the Amberlynn she used to be. (Of course not, she's at least 200 pounds heavier!)

- "Everyone keeps telling me to stop seeing my therapist" (We say that because your therapist supposedly diagnosed you with FOUR disorders on Visit #1, though why would anyone believe anything LiarLynn says, anyway?)

(The fingernail polish has completely rubbed off, except the tip of her thumbnail at 14:15. We are definitely in the "future" of only a couple weeks ago at this point.)

TL;DR: If you care about the timeline, you'll get quite confused/agitated. Hamber basically did NOTHING for 3 weeks, and here's the proof of the small amount of content crammed in. Then several minutes of "MenTaL" talk. Only a few videos left!

Bonus: Bets on the "controversial August 31st video" that's totally NOT controversial? Based on this video - we're betting she's either dumping her psychiatrist, or stating that the PSYCHIATRIST told her to NOT VIDEO and take a break. Hence why we knew so long ago she wasn't going to hit the 100-Day-Challenge.
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Ssssshhhhh I said ssssshhhhhhh. Tee Hee!
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We get some pointerlynn in this video. Watch her extend her beetus hand gracefully out like a figure staker as she is discussing today's biggest issues. Like which wommart hair clip is her favorite? Does this scootypuff have enough charge to haul my 600 ellbee ass around?, etc.

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Conspiracy Theory: She hasn't cracked open any of those books, let alone finished a pile of them. Look at all of the pages. Zero bend to any of them. Even if she's religious about not folding the corners and uses a bookmark, it's not gonna look like a solid block of perfectly pressed pages if it's been flipped through all the way. She lies about the dumbest shit.


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This idiot is back to wearing a fitbit, while saying she stays in bed all day all the time. I can't get over how this 600lb woman thinks that that thing is useful for her, when she barely moves and has severe sleep apnea. I guess the only real reason to wear it as she says is to monitor her heart rate. Afraid it's going to give out Hamber?


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This whole video is a pity party. Heart palpitations aren't because she weighs as much as a car engine, it's gotta be because medication. Or caffeine. Whatever. The dark circles are cause she can't sleep, not because she malnourished. Lighting, not jaundice. Exotic Portuguese blood, not beetus. The excuses just never end. I am ready for the orange chickens to swarm home to roost so my watch can come to an end.


I call BS. WHY would the shrink up the dosage if she was feeling already so good and energetic? I mean... upping or lowering the dosage is usually required if there is a need for it, to find the right balance so meds are working. Right?

Her talking about the books and the plot lines was as fascinating as Trump trying to explain why bible is the best book ever.