WE WERE TERRFIED!!!!! 8/23/2019 -


I swear I think I might die of shock if she ever reads a book that involves topics like motherhood/careers/marriage or the main character is a heterosexual woman.
Which is interesting because most well rounded (lol) people do tend to read about characters not necessarily in their comfort zone. Of course, Hamber's comfort zone is YA, vampire lesbian trash so I don't know where to go from that one. Anne Rice?

ETA: That nose ring is the real MVP, though. Hamber's nose gets fatter and fatter and that thing is hanging on for dear life. I think it will be fully assimilated soon.

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Our gorl is a little scared of wind and rain. 3 tornados could pass by and we all know the only thing left behind would be the foundation of the house and our favorite lahyer. Hell maybe Becky might blow away, but our orca is quite safe and worried over nothing. She needs to be worried about how she is going to announce to us that shes 600 elbees.


I was like - whuuuuut???
Biohazard ☣☣☣
Albert keeps her phone in her manky bra...that's one way of keeping other people from it I guess


I really thought with all the squealing and 'freaked out' that this packaging was going to be the subject of 'we were terrified!!!!' until Beckster finally decided it was really quite innocent



Albert at great pains to insist to us her liver isn't fucked, she's hulthy, 'it's the yellow light in here guiiizeee' making her look jaundiced and 75% deceased


By the time we've finished, over 6minutes is devoted to waffling about some teenie books, they didn't go to Kroger's, and they were shit-scared of a bit of rain and wind, Amber napped the day away despite she never naps
I can see another YT deletion at this rate...
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Those tween, dark books about troubled people or dystopian worlds is shit I read in late middle, maybe early high school. I feel like she's someone who would proudly declare "Katniss Everdeen" one of their role models. Oh well. It's beats the numbers & colors picture books that Becky looks at.
The Hunger Games is way, WAY above her station and reading/comprehension level. She doesn't have the intelligence to even come close to grasping the story in those books....she's reading the kinds of YA "novels" that came in waves after HG got popular and trendy, which are even more dumbed down and simplistic. The kinds of copycat, straitforward brainless tripe that get churned out to make a quick buck. Just like all the dumb vampire romance after the Twilight craze, and the dumb magic teenagers after the Harry Potter hype.

Kinda fitting, actually. Instead of anything of any real originality or substance, she goes for the lowest-common-demoninator, dumbed down, simplistic empty garbage. Just like herself.


Why is she so scared of tornadoes?
It's not like it can blow her away
It's not like she's ever been through one. Remember the one time a tornado came near wherever she and Destiny were living, it was when they were bolth working at the home and they totally stayed there and let Twinkie and Wasabi home to fend for themselves. That's the reason she claims Twinkie gets nervous in storms, that may be the only think she's ever been right about. She does this stupid I'm skeeeeeerd thing because she thinks it makes her dainty and quirky. It makes her a fucking child. All of her ridiculously fake phobias that she's spouted of about over the years, all garbage. The only phobia she has is Runningoutoffoodphobia.


bag o' bones
Amber isn't happy the family keeps coming around lol
jesus, Necky, just drop them so we can move

Almost a face shape
"I need a smaller size in this dress AcKtShUaLlLyY"
our gorl is never
I had so many like this it's unreal. She really must be drastically losing sleep, I'm not so sure its solely the mood stabilizers.
Yikes that forearm is a real situation.
Skintone on fleek
Shimmying through the doorway lol
I spot a hoof
Jesus did anyone else see that giant flake in her hair here?
insert moonface joke here
The Amber Witch Project
Insert dicks here


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At 5:59 is she waddling sideways through the door because she doesn't fit through the frame like a normal person anymore. (:_(

Edit: damn @Vladimir Fupatin beat me to it. Bash me over the head with alarm clocks as you see fit.

Fun Fact: the average door frame is 34 inches in width so basically 3 feet I would guess at her current weight she or her shelf ass is almost as wide as she is tall. She going to be housebound due to the simple fact she cant fit through any of the fucking doors.
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