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You want a piece of me boy?
Does anybody here read any webcomics?

What comics do you follow?

The main comics I follow are:
  • Ava's Demon
  • Whomp! / Otaku Dad
  • Frivolesque
  • Nerf Now
  • Oglaf
  • Sunstone
  • Blaster Nation
  • Rock Cocks
  • Go Get A Roomie
  • El Goonish Shive
  • Let's Speak English
I also have some guilty pleasure comics that I know suck ass, but find enjoyment in reading them.
  • Dumbing of Age
  • Sister Claire
  • Between Failures
  • Two Guys and Guy


voilà la guimbarde
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I read Order of the Stick from time to time. None of the webcomics I was really into in high school are still running except Irregular Webcomic (which is only kind of back).
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Salty Space Bitch
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Toothpaste for Dinner, Married to the Sea and Natdee are pretty good.
Sad that Superpoop ended back in.. 2010? Huh :c
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The Knife's Husbando

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I follow a few: Questionable Content, The Whiteboard, Schlock Mercenary, Sam and Fuzzy, Oglaf, Dr. McNinja, XKCD, Modest Medusa, and Lackadaisy.

SP 199

I follow Questionable Content, Awkward Zombie and out of stubbornness LICD and LFG


Out of Control
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Notable Webcomics I read that are active:
-Order of the Stick
-Rusty & Co.
-D20 Monkey
-Dork Tower
-Darths & Droids
-Awkward Zombie
-Enemy Agency
-The Adventures of Business Cat
-Breaking Cat News

Notable Webcomics I read that have ended:
-8-bit Theater

Pickle Inspector

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I used to read a bunch but the only two I keep up with now are Homestuck and sometimes Whomp (I used to really like it but lately it just doesn't seem to be as good *sigh*).

Well and also the webcomics created by lolcows such as Sonichu (Is Sonichu a webcomic?) and Assigned Male.
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Forever Sunrise

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I read Order of the Stick almost religiously. That's the only webcomic I keep fully up-to-date with, as I find the story so riveting. Other webcomics that I jump onto every 3-4 months to read all the new content over the space of a few days include Questionable Content, Goblins, Feywinds and Erfworld. I'd say the latter two are the most consistently good, though QC is always fairly reliably amusing. Plus it's always hilarious to read up on the number of rabidly jealous people screaming blue murder over somebody daring to make a living writing a fairly inoffensive webcomic.
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Len Kagamoney

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I definitely love Oglaf.
I like Ava's Demon
Back in the day I read Homestuck
Let's Speak English is cute, I love it
I used to read Ctrl Alt Del because it was so bad

This reminds me of a few bad webcomics i read
God's Story, just read the article on the bad webcomics wiki
and Gamerchicks (article)
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the spookiness of the heart
My regulars are Poppy, Order of the Stick, Gunnerkrigg Court, Whomp!, and Paranatural.

Scary-go-Round/Bad Machinery/whatever, Cucumber Quest, and Oglaf are my 'oh right I should check in on these' types.

Sanae Kochiya

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I don't really follow any webcomics religiously, but I pop in to read Critical Miss on the Escapist and xkcd occasionally.

I used to really love 8-Bit Theater and Brawl in the Family.

I used to really love Ctrl+Alt+Del back when I was young, naive, and stupid.


Nighty night...
I don't usually read a lot of webcomics, but I like to read Holy Bibble when I get the chance.
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the worst
theres some good standbys in this thread and some 'wtf are you doing read this still' but im not gonna drag this down with arguing
monster pulse is pretty great, poppy o'possum is real nice, chainsawsuit is a nice little topical comic most days

im assuming you all know that feel of sticking with something that isnt good anymore just because youve put in so much time already you might as well see it through

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