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Far, far too many to list..I tend to lose track of them unless I'm reading them through amalgamation/ring sites that have bookmarking features.
Unfortunately a lot of the ones I enjoyed went on perma-hiatus with no information

EDIT: this one seemed remarkably coherent, for random-gen..


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
Zoophobia SUCKS ASS. Don't believe me? Look it up if you can and don't just read that, but learn about its creator as well - hopefully to get some insight into why it sucks (and not just in my opinion, either.).
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I would always read these pokemon webcomics called nuzlockes in high school. Also, I read Homestuck which was very complicated and wordy, but made up for it in creativity. I think I stopped reading that around the third part. I never got up to the part with the trolls. I also liked Cyanide and Happiness in all of its mean-spirited, twisted glory.

Nuzlockes were when people would play pokemon with additional rules (1: when a pokemon faints, it's considered dead and must be released and 2: you can only catch the first pokemon you come across in a new area) and then document their journey in webcomic form, with varying degrees of plot and characterization. Sure, with a lot of them had sudden shifts in tone (especially when a pokemon died) and they might not hold up as well as a couple years back, but I liked how it was completely unpredictable as who would die, and the pokemon spoke giving them emotions and character. There were so many deaths that gave me feels, like this Weepinbell who was in a relationship with the trainer's Sandslash. I haven't read any of them in a long time since a lot of them quit and others take forever to update, but man, were they great.


Paranatural is really good. It's about a middle-school club of children who fight and capture ghosts and spirits, and has mix of comedy, action, story, and world building.
I also read Devil's Candy. It's very anime-esque, but manages to actually pull it off well. The writing so far is cute and silly though nothing spectacular, but the art is really great in places.
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A few years ago I used to follow a bunch of web comics, most notably Homestuck until I realized it was a pile of shit.

Nowadays I really only read Ava's Demon. I'm stoked for it to come off of hiatus sometime this month.


A few years ago I used to follow a bunch of web comics, most notably Homestuck until I realized it was a pile of shit.
Several friends from back in the day tried to get me into it. "It gets better," they would always tell me, but I am not slogging through something going at a snail's pace. Sometimes stories take a time for the plot to start and sometimes they really do get better, but this was ridiculous and boring. I didn't get very far.

Unfortunately I've also read God's Story and holy shit. That art. I've never bothered with Dominic Deegan (?) but I've also heard that one was terrible. Another bad one I've read (notice a pattern?) is School Bites. Good luck on updates if you happen to enjoy it or want to see more of the trainwreck because when I last read any of it there hadn't been an update in months, instead comics made about her cat and plugging to buy merch/donate or whatever.
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Poppy O'Possum is a damn solid comic, though it suffers from the author taking multiple hiatuses. It's nice seeing a world that's fleshed out yet silly. Cucumber Quest is also finally getting to the good stuff. I go for awful webcomics too but anything I can think of off the top of my head has already been mentioned.


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The Oatmeal is awesome.

I used to follow Spacemoose (better than it sounds) and Perry Bible Fellowship. SM is long dead and I'm not sure if PBF updates anymore.

The Fool

I browse Comic Fury on and off, the site Asperchu was hosted on. There's a lot of gems there (and a lot of bad comics, and a lot of comics that legitimately confuse me).
Jupiter is probably one of the more notable ones for me. It's not amazing, but, it's pretty interesting.
Bruno Harm is like a modern gag-a-day strip with an actual ongoing story. It's pretty funny and one of the more famous ones on the site.
Bad Adjectives is, well, you either like it or hate it. But I think it's funny.
Armless Amy is kind of a surreal horror thing. It's pretty cool.

And, well, David is, something. It's the strangest comic I've seen on the site. I think it's a comedy, but, there are absolutely no attempts at humor, it's literally like peering into random slices of time of some guy's mundane life. I always loved how unintentionally surreal it was. One of my favorites.

Yaoi Huntress Earth

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Perry Bible Fellowship.

Prove it isn't the best webcomic ever.

It doesn't have shit to prove, though.
I just love how the artist can change styles on a dime and do them all well. Like this one (linked due to length).

Also, Breaking Cat News has gotten into an interesting story arc that starts off as a take-off on "The Owl and the Pussycat" and then goes into something more.
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Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
The only web-comics I frequently look at as of late are Camp Weedonwantcha (from the same artist who made Skadi, which was also pretty damn good!) and Leftover Soup.


All time favorites are Ava's Demon and Prequel. Of course, only when they update.

I havent kept up with Oglaf as much as I should, but I liked it when I actually read it.

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