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Followed Zebra Girl a long time ago, back when it was a small webcomic hosted on an external site and, for reason I can't remember, dropped it years ago. Liked it back then, wonder if I'll do it now. Still, great seeing it's updated.

It's a story about a woman who transforms into demon and the issues with general life that comes with that and at some point spun itself into a grand epic about alternate worlds, supernatural communities and other exsistential shit. This is then not counting the years I've missed.


i both ironically and unironically like natty comics. it is strange, violent against people who disagree with the author, and i like it for some reason, either because it's satire or because the author actually believes in what he says, or it's because johnny racecar vroom vroom
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My favorite right now is The Property of Hate. It's about a kid visiting the place where stories are born and then getting stuck there. The art gets much better after the first couple of chapters.
There's also the Alterity Nuzlocke which starts out silly but gets it together soon enough. The monochrome style also appeals to me a lot.
There's BACK which is a story about a zombie cowboy setting out on a journey to end the world.
Finally there's Gallus which is about birds - chickens to be exact.


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I love reading Hyperbole and a Half, as well as Sarah's Scribbles. I think they're pretty funny, despite some of their flaws on the "adulting" and stuff sometimes.

I also adore Siren's Lament, it's literally the first time I've ever really tolerated/been okay with a love triangle. It has beautiful art as well as music, as apparently it's more of a webtoon than a webcomic?

I also read xkcd sometimes, but not really in a serial format. I also know of Prequel and have been meaning to get into it, but I have a friend who is and apparently the author hasn't updated in forever (and they last time they commented was to say slam poetry was not allowed) so I'm a bit hesitant to start.


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