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What I'm considering now is a list of default rooms and the ability to create your own.

So, default:
  • Public (All users, even those with no posts) [Lolcow Discussion]
  • Closed (All settled members, e.g. those with off-topic access) [No Defined Topic]
Then user-defined.
  • Rooms created can be listed or unlisted. Unlisted rooms can only be accessed with URL.
  • Rooms listed by number of people speaking in the last hour but always behind default rooms.
  • 0 active users don't list at all.
  • May allow op privileges similar to IRC.

Like this:
Wouldn't public chat be the worst, though? I thought the point of the trusted user criteria was to keep shitposters at bay.

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I've had it happen with Firefox, Chrome, and whatever shitty browser comes with the Kindle Fire.
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Wouldn't public chat be the worst, though? I thought the point of the trusted user criteria was to keep shitposters at bay.
Probably, yes. We'll see how it goes.

I've modified the HTACCESS file for XenForo as per their help documents which may help the logout issue. I've not experienced it, though.

Alternatively, if your IP changes a fuck of a lot, that might also be a problem.


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I don't use chat much. Trophies are fun to me, but I don't take them seriously. Wouldn't make use of the game servers because I'm not much of a gamer
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Look at pictures of Pixyteri and ForeverKaitlyn and say that again.

I've only been here awhile (maybe a month or so) and I would say the chat needs a revamping.
As previously stated, having multiple rooms may cause a lot of cliquish behavior. The chat seems to operate well with everyone in the same room collectively. I feel that a chat with multiple rooms might not be as inviting to newer users.

EDIT: reworded the last sentence


What exactly is "uninviting" about chat? It feels like people are talking about problems I'm not. Is there something difficult about chat?
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Lefty's Revenge

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I haven't been here terribly long but I've liked all the changes made thus far. I voted chat because it sounded like the most interesting choice. However the cwcki connection thing sounds intriguing.

Matter of fact, how do we vote again because I missed the part where it said a whole nother lolcow wiki. Thats definitely the best idea, imo. With ED being down every 30 seconds there really isnt a good place to get all of this info on lolcows. I'm pretty sure the future of the boards is in just general lolcows. Thats why even though Jace didn't particularly spark my interest I still think all the shenanigans that went on with him were cool.
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