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Sadly, I recognize this person. She is a fujoshi pedophile who used to frequent the MAL forum (and also had a very creepy profile filled with shota shit until the mods forced her to remove it) and is well-known for harassing others on Discord together with her girlfriend Judas.

She is also only sixteen years old
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Not to necro, but I knew this bitch way back when. She ended up leaving all the MAL discord servers once she and her gf were exposed for her doxing and harassment, and never seemed to return again. Bitch is still active on lastfm though. Pretty sure people have reported her to the FBI multiple times by now but they don't do shit.

there were multiple allegations and testimonies from users, including users that used to be her "friends" that yaoimaster's being underage was a lie, as well as theories that her and her girlfriend were the same person. In the end there's really no knowing.

Girlfriend Judas, if she is in fact not the same person as yaoi, was also alleged to be abusive / a child groomer who encouraged her pedo tendencies / was a pedo herself. People put aside their bullshit for so long because they either assumed that it was trolling or because of their gender.

Then again, MAL was filled with unironic male "lolicon" pedos and male sex pests who'd slide into underage girls DMs, many of them actually solicited nudes from those girls. There's a user named IPreferEcchi who has sexually harassed users on MAL since at least 2016, posted videos and photographs of him stripping and exposing himself in threads for underage users to see, including one where he sticks a 1/8 scale figure up his asshole. DMs of his were leaked where he admitted to lusting after his child niece. one of their mods (Brandon) is said to be a data miner who has also solicited photos of underage girls. Multiple users frm the discord MAL offshoot servers (besides Yaoimaster / Judas) were also confirmed to be predators. One of them went under multiple aliases to avoid consequence and got away with it for years. The other was an offshoot server admin (offshoot servers were basically the unofficial clique servers wherein you could only join if you were one of the "cool shitposters", and they all devolved into infighting surprise surprise) who had a degenerate polyamorous relationship with his wife and solicited feet pics (possibly worse than that) from barely legal or underage girls.

place was filled with whackjobs. I'm glad I left that hellhole.
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Even the heat death of the universe won't stop these people from REEEEEE'ing about Rise of the Shield Hero, will it? I've only ever heard of it because these people won't stop talking about what according to them you'd think is Rapelay the Isekai.
even the forum is calling them out lol
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I used to know this sperg who tried to look like Ed from Full Metal Alchemist but instead just looked like joke walking around school in a bathrobe. She always used to say peeved! when triggered and had a gay altar ego called shimohe.bShe also had an angry rant about enculyclopedia dramatice like a typical lolcow.
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oh my fucking god, it's a Japanese anime created by a Japanese woman, she is Japanese and lives in japan.


the art is good but the comment from the users...

This artist is apparently some Malaysian dude.

Call me crazy, but I'm starting to think the POC's and Asian SJW's are going to be throwing the Japanese and Koreans too under the bus and lump them in with the white devils, to hilarious results.