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No, Japan totally uses its money to terrorize its citizens.

Well America does have a lot more infrastructure to manage. If America wanted to fit into Italy or something they could have cool trains.

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There's a reason why the high speed trains in the USA are on the East Coast, especially the Northeast - that's where the population density is. In the Meiji period modern Japan was literally designed around how to have the most efficient trains for industrialization.


must love dogs
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oh my fucking god, it's a Japanese anime created by a Japanese woman, she is Japanese and lives in japan.


the art is good but the comment from the users...
I looked around on Japanese Twitter a bit to see what people were saying.

There are some who agreed, but the general response was extremely negative. "We know what anime looks like, this isn't it" "Stop drawing us wrong, Japanese have lighter skin", the more positive ones being more along the lines of "That looks good but what's he talking about with white washing?"

CEO of Irodori Comics and prolific anti-piracy zealot On Takahashi has been discovered to translate for (illegal) light novel fan translations.
When this was discovered on 4chan /h/ (I was linked to it from /a/, stop judging), his discord jannies quickly tried to 🧹🧹🧹 by removing all references to him, locking invites, and banning anyone who brings it up.
Unfortunately, the internet is forever.
I am planning on doing a larger writeup on this person, if anyone cares about this topic.

A quick summary, On Takahashi was a former partner with Enshodo, a western publisher of R18 content. Enshodo shut down when On Takahashi convinced the licensed Japanese artists that the CEO had ties to criminal organizations before hollowing out the employees and wrecking the site.
In addition, anyone who used to use Mangarock (you shouldn't because it sucks but oh well) would be familiar with On Takahashi for constantly braying about Mangarock being a pirate site that cost the manga industry millions of dollars in lost sales.
On top of that, for the past few months, On Takahashi has convinced many Japanese artists to lend him their licenses so he could file DMCAs against JP and EN uploads on Exhentai.

(This is a major happening because Kadokawa and their lawyers would be very interested in knowing that one of their major pirates is a screeching lunatic)
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CEO of Irodori Comics and prolific anti-piracy zealot On Takahashi has been discovered to translate for (illegal) light novel fan translations.
inb4 >oneangrygamer
Who knows, will ANN pick up on this, or will they play janny too?

(It should be noted that On and at least one of his cronies were so stupid that they used the same names for their pirate translation as officially, and it turns out that those are their real names.)

I Love Beef

Bell peppers and bee- HEY WAIT A SEC WHERE'S THE B
Where's the Japanese-American love? Dumb fucks. That's not going to be enough to bring in more black characters into anime.
Weeaboo SJW whores and extremist lefts think Asian Americans are "honorary whites" or don't think they exist. Blacks are easier to gain SJW points from and because color of skin is less of a hassle of brainpower than actual cultural and ethnic affairs. Therefore I think too they are stupid.
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yelling at randos won't make it happen
This is why ANN, their staff, and their associates like Colony Drop and David R Merrill are horrible people, and why Zac Bertschy is a good example for them to live up to fulfilling. For every good pick at immature fans doing weebish shit, there's always these bugmen faggots under the facade of being "exemplary anime connoisseurs with the best taste" who are nothing but hipster fad high chasing loudmouthed fanwhores who think liking or "ironically liking" anime will somehow elevate them on the social ladder and somehow get animators and authors in Japan "inspiration" to make anime and manga the States want (yeah because yelling like nobodies on the internet is somehow "creative inspiration") because they know deep down they can't escape what they really are, and push double standards on everyone because their socially clueless existential self loathing hasn't been bottled up well enough to kill themselves. Fujoshi followers and forum goers like this creepy bitch is but the icing and cherry on their shit sundae cake supreme, because they think these clowns are "good examples to follow".

I'm glad Zac Bertschy has pushed his kind at least 50 years back for Japan to ever take them seriously again. This is why Japan won't ever listen to weeaboos unless there is good prospects and money involved. Not even the folks at Toonami and Williams Street, who also like older anime, want to be involved with this crowd. May they all follow Zac's finest example into Minecraft Land.
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