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Monica voiced Sakura in Clear Card.

Where is your god now?
You know we live in a society! YOU'RE KILLING INDEPENDENT GEORGE!!!

Eh, I can always watch it subbed on my uncle's Hulu. Subbed or dubbed, either way is fine.

Separate the art from the artist, not giving a dime to Funimation, one nation indivisible til death do us part. Blah blah blah. Yada yada yada, I mentioned the bisque.

Kari Kamiya

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If you really want to get nerdy, the original Cardcaptors dub had all 3 voice actors from Ed, Edd n Eddy in it.

(Matt Hill) Ed = Kero
(Sam Vincent) Double D = Yukito
(Tony Sampson) Eddy = Touya

No, I'm not kidding.
I knew about Matt Hill, forgot that Sam Vincent was in it (he's like everywhere, man lol), but fucking Eddy is Tori? BRUH.


Is anything happening here?

Did Toei ever care about DBZ voice actors doing an incest fic?

Why are there like 10 different dubs of DBZ, including a Canadian and a British dub? Was Vic in any of those?

Is the Weeaboo paddle like the Yaoi paddle?


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I think @Meowster has left the site after not getting the response from everyone that he was expecting, so I'll post the DM I sent him where he said
No you just reeeed in pm about being me being banned and warning me about my posts like a daddy it was cute.
Then I killed him with kindness.
As if getting banned is something I’m concerned about
So you're just here to cause a bit of noise?
Nope I’m here for lolcows like everyone else is
Then can you at least stop double-posting and learn to use the quote/reply/edit functions?

Click Quote on every post you want to reply to, scroll down and there's a button that says "Insert Quotes". Click that and you can insert them all into one post.

If someone replies while you're making your post then you should edit your previous one to say what you wanna say.
Why do you care? If the mods ban me they ban me. They already corrected my post clearly they know I’m new and a boomer so unless you have something interesting to discuss....
Just looking out for new members, there's no need for you to be so combative.

I'm willing to discuss whatever, but I'm terrible at thinking up topics, lol.
Also don't pay any attention to the negative reactions you've received, they literally don't mean anything.

I guess you'd rather take shots at me in the thread rather than discussing interesting things?
Ok what do you want to discuss that is interesting
As I said, I'm terrible at thinking up topics. What would you like to chat about?
I don’t know I was having fun stirring the pot but now a kiwi is in my pm’s being nice and now I am very conflicted
There's no drama going on, so I'm bored and thought that might give someone a chuckle.


Convos like that show that really, this forum is one of the few vestiges of the constructive art of shaming. For millenia, small actions, characteristics, and behaviors brought out animosity and mockery to some detriment, but mostly positive outcomes. Kids who habitually lie and aggrandize falsehoods got made fun and stopped to end the teasing. STD's were halted in their tracks after everyone heard the town whore tagged all the players in the back of her dad's vw vanagon. Chances are if you have a thread here your first impulse is childish anger and self-righteous indignation, but if you think a bit and look at why you're being mentioned here there's probably an issue that needs fixing if you want to be healthy/happy/sane in the long run. Most here like laughing about it, but we don't want to see things explode and do severe damage. At most I hope for discomfort but it's always nice to see someone clean up and live straight.

This new thing where only positivity is allowed is creating a world of crackheads, deathfats, pillheads, sex fiends, and diddlers telling each other there's nothing wrong with their way of life and they're doing fine as is.