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Junk Dog

Get busy living or get busy dying
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Dunno if his address was already known but real considerate of him to just dox himself and do all the work for the farms.
If this hasn't been posted somewhere already,

4343 Comet Trail
Hixson, Tennessee
Screenshot (389).png
Screenshot (385).png
Screenshot (387).png

Assuming anyone cares what MBAs house looks like since he was kind enough to dox himself.

Random Internet Person

Panzer Vor, motherfuckers!
Internet tough guy started shit with Andy Warski and the Ralph Retort. An mma fight was scheduled between the former and Tonka, which Tonka promptly turned in someone else's medical work and I.D., then bitched out of the fight when caught.
It was fucking glorious to that Tonka was a fucking pussy. He didn't drop a bomb on his career, he nuked it.
You know what the sad part is? Andy Warski actually trained his ass off for that fight. And they actually let him have an entrance.


MBA has a nicer house than Nick.
It's nice but, there are windows over the garage that make it look like there's more living space than there is. He also lives next to powerlines. This may be a personal dislike. The style seems off, I think either the garage or the 2-story section are an addition. The color of the siding on the peaks for each are a poor match which supports this.

It is nicely private. Closest neighbor looks like a church or business and is likely empty after 5:00.