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I thought perhaps this was going to be a Google Docs dump like what was compiled for the Star Wars TRoS leaks and the Broken Staircase to be spread around. Like yeah, showcase the really disgusting Tweets and articles to show there's malice, but there's been some ISWV 'tards who need to be called out for their behavior as well. Do the Twitter bot idea, of course, but have yourself a backup compilation of "How (Not) to Heal the Community" or something.

Twitter icon could be Pen-Pen or some other anime penguin, but eh.
I'd suggest that new Gen 8 Penguin (Eiscue) that got leaked.


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Funny you should say that. Remember the mantra people learn in school as kids by some bitter crustie former hippy teacher that the American way is "LIE, CHEAT, AND STEAL" because those dipshits never got their way? Well, Funimation is a good example of the LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL mantra and exemplifies it best with the way they're responding, handling things, chimping out and howling like baboons.


I would like to thank @Coach Kreeton Of All That once again for archiving instagram for me. E. Jason Liebrecht privated his account after he totally didn't see his home address posted here.


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Their lines are getting much weaker but they aren't radioactive like Jamie Marchi though. Then again it takes a lot more to destroy actual Dragonball VAs, even the one who voiced Fat/Kid Buu.
True, but it’s still pretty damn telling.

These fuckheads brought it on themselves by being exceptional asses, seems they forgot that FANS are the ones who give these pigs cash for autographs and shit while thinking that being a dick has no consequences of whatsoever because they’re “famous”.

Karma is here to discipline the morons.
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Well, there goes a good chunk of Shane sperging.

Edit: reposting here since it got moved over to the pedo shoe eaters thread.

I mean, why bother inviting a waste of space that can't even bring in any revenue?
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Hard at work healing the anime community, you guys.
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1. Isn't the thing about depisitions is that the written word is trumped by recordings because you can actually recognize articulations (if recordings exist)?
2. Calling someone a POS is never deposition. But calling someone a sexual predator is. And that's what Vic is after. Also, it's not over unless Vic loses appeals. And even then, there's no evidence of Vic being a sexual predator. Sexual pussy slayer, probably.


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I know this is posted already but look at those likes!
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3k! over vic talking about a chicken sandwich! Not shitting on people, calling them names, or being an asshole!
I'll say it again! People love vic
Good man. I am fortunate enough to live in an area with popeyes and grew up on it from another area. Always preferred it over KFC. Wife likes KFC more sadly for biscuits.