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This is how we rise up!
What I mean is why did she get involved? How is she connected to the Funi backstabbers?
She was a clout chaser who says she heard the drama from her daughter. If you look at her twitter feed, you see she is a massive sjw teacher.

I so wanted to send her twitter feed to her principal when all this started, but I'm not an sjw.
Presenting those who Vic worked with/for. View attachment 1113882
How about you actually write something fucking competent for the show you hijacked? Sorry Miles, but just because your Allegory Trump got arrested after his win via hacked polls in the shitty fanfic you made alongside Yes Men and NPC faggots, you’re not gonna get your fantasy filled and should focus on writing a semi-competent story that doesn’t retcon Monty’s shit, or bitching about Trump.

His own #MeToo is a-coming, I can feel it.


I was once disgusted, now I'm just amused.
tinfoil hats are sold to nutters like yourself.
I don't deal in conspiracies.

And I won't be showing you "every single thing I have ever said involving zoe quinn and the cult of feminism" that you protect.
Wait is this the tinfoil sped himself?

Salty Boris

You have good taste.
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Well someone didn't read the latest transcript
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No you don't. You just remember bits and pieces of it that out of context

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Remember when our owner Akiva brought this up and got his letter rejected
I have a feeling this is all according to plan. This is what taking the offensive looks like. Ty knew what the response would be and it didn’t matter. It’s time for pushback, started with the unlocked stream and continues. I think it’s glorious. The record for appeals is set so why not?
"Lol! My supposed sexual assaulter is taking me to court! OMG who is this dork anyway? I didn't get a good look when he raped me."

Interesting message that thick bint is sending about reporting on and handling legitimate sexual assault. Definitely don't make it a big fucking joke. But of course if you do there's all sorts of puberty-bearded faggots who still whiteknight for you online. Sickening ignorance.
Jaime is just trolling. It’s very low tier, pathetic trolling.
Can I ask a really dumb, L&G question? Who the hell is Michelle Blankenship McConnell? Like why does she exist. Is she Monica's friend? I heard she was. She's the one loser in all this I can't figure out.
What I mean is why did she get involved? How is she connected to the Funi backstabbers?
Michelle is somebody who claimed to know Vic decades ago. She jumped on the KickVic bandwagon very early.

Here’s a long thread from February.

In June she claimed to have found a picture which showed her and Vic together.

A bunch of twitter speds jumped in to say she had photoshopped the pic. Here’s one example.

The only thing that’s truly important is that Vic debunked her story himself during deposition. But if you look hard enough there are multiple twitter threads dedicated to proving the pic was photoshopped. Also I’m willing to bet it was covered extensively by the farms at the time maybe like 2000 pages ago?
Forgot who is he again
Miles ‘Cuck Cuck’ Luna is one of the main heads of the RWBY web series, and notably wrote the Chorus Trilogy for Red vs Blue for Rooster Teeth~ He’s a “friend” of Monica’s that went on record to state that people “didn’t know the REAL Vic Mignogna” but was apparently so r-e-tarded that he didn’t know his good buddy Gray Haddock (Former Head of the Animation Division of RT) was absolute shit to the workers, and forced them to cut corners on RWBY for his vanity project.

He also was too much of a puss puss to call out his former VP Michael Quinn who had been an abuser towards his wife, after said VP got arrested nor did he call Gray out after he was outed for what he did to the company’s Animation Division.

He’s also got TDS so bad, to the point where he made a fanfic version of the 2016 Election in RWBY because his ass is still hurting over Trump.
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