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Law Twitter being "qualified" is basically the equivalent of saying the people who religiously play Microsoft Flight Simulator are qualified to fly actual planes with passengers in them.

Maybe, maybe there's relevant experience somewhere in there but certainly not enough to be the authority or the experts on the subject.

Yeah, you can push some buttons. You know the fancy lingo. You can pretend like you know what you're doing. But good luck actually applying it.

There's good reason why none of these people ever get clients and can shit up the internet all day. Anyone who can't do the basic fucking math should not be listened to.

That being said I've yet to meet a single person against Vic who isn't letting LawTwitter or the VA community fist their asshole so they parrot the same talking points. That's why I can't take any of these weirdos who decide to post here seriously because they've never had an individual, original thought about what they're looking at.

At least Shane the Shoe Eating pedophile was fun to mess with because he'd throw a wild card in and reveal something he wasn't supposed to when he came around to shit things up.
The fact that even he moved on should be a sign for these losers.


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I gather Ken White had a career as a Federal prosecutor. He does what he does now because he's semi-retired.
He started out as a federal prosecutor, but he's much more well known for criminal defense and First Amendment litigation. Unlike most of the people dangling from his ballsack, he has legitimate knowledge of practice, and his opinions in cases where he has actually done his research are pretty good. Like anyone else on Twitter, though, his hot takes where he's just spouting hot garbage are worth as much as any other retard's.
You mean all of them?
Most of them, at least those who claim to be, actually are lawyers, at least in the technical sense. We've doxed enough of them to know.

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Is it over yet?

He got on for 2 minutes to test again and people immediately filled in lol poor thing wants it to be perfect 😊

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2020-12-01 17.01.25 www.twitch.tv bdf989303d97.png

He's live!

Also lolwut:
2020-12-01 17.01.25 www.twitch.tv bdf989303d97_LI.jpg

EDIT: Oh my God this is wholesome stuff. My literal first time seeing a Vic stream of any kind, and it's fan interaction time. This is adorable, I'm gonna be getting a sugar coma soon.
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Holy hell he just went up to half a thousand
View attachment 1760354
It went up a minute later
View attachment 1760382
Lol. He’s not even trying and he’s aready doing better than Alex Moore.
Just when you thought this whole thing couldn’t get more insane. It’s amazing that it’s been almost two years and there’s still shit like this that makes your jaw dropped.

giraffes on coffee

Is it over yet?
Twitch stream was great but it does not seem Vic is saving his streams to Twitch. There are a bunch of 30 second clips though so have at those if you missed the stream.
So on the series premiere of Vic on Twitch it went super well

Much to no surprise it went the same way as every other stream went. And Vic was wearing a Steelers Jersey so thats a huge negative (Fuck that team)

He goes on to talk about cons having a clique on who to invite and who not to

And there was a surprise cameo from Nick calling him a nerd and thatstarwarsgirl whom Vic says she actually watches her videos

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