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sorry to burst your bubble but No it wasn't weebs the ones giving Nick money they fucking hate dubs. It was dragon Ball fags.
Oh yes nick rekieta the soy bitch exbanker that got Razorfist ban off of twitch. The Same soy bitch said why doesn't Vic support us.


This is how we rise up!
The retards are out in full force lately.

Seriously, is it that hard to do a little research before you open your mouth and say ignorant, uneducated things...? People must love making themselves look fucking stupid.

I Have a question has anyone made sure the go fund me money is going to Vic and not Nick living off the money. What I Hurd is Nick's business is going under that's why he is on YouTube all the time.

Yes, the trolls are here. It is Thursday.


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"Ohhhhh he's a shrewd one!"
I might drop SacAnime a line. I know it's bad to touch the doodoo, but long before I joined the farms I had attended at least one of their twice-yearly shows (usually both) every year, at least until the Year Of Our Coof 2020. I'm a guaranteed ticket if they keep Vic, but I won't be going if they bend the knee to an insane mob.

It's a win-win(-win)

They get money. Vic gets money. I get to be mesmerized by the gay pants (and forget what a shit year 2021 is, at least for a weekend). KF has someone to observe and catalogue any possible faggotry.

Forgive me if I'm wrong as I am still new here, but I was under the impression that "touching the poo" was about taking part in de-platforming. Am I right there or does communicating to a con to support their decision count as well?

your right ron monica didn't name Stan Dahlin as a whiteness, she named him as a witness, huge difference.
https://twitter.com/Ronald_Toye_III/status/1385099074215432195View attachment 2109350

Stan also said if he had noticed Monica in distress after leaving Vic's room he would remember it, so yeah she lied Ron. The manlet must be terrified of appeals coming back as he's sperging extra hard today and getting slapped silly in that thread.

Hit me with those optimistic reacts if you like, but the longer this takes the more I think the appeals could come back in Vic's favour (or enough to be considered favourable). I recall Nick predicting a result before 2020 was over, bullet head Doucette predicted February and unsurprisingly was wrong, were this truly a meritless case would the dismissal not have been upheld by now? Would the appeals court have to review everything (including the depositions?)

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Mister Y too
Can we take a moment to appreciate the abysmal stupidity of the KVers?

Here we have a moron that states that the GFM, a campaign on a professional platform with legal liability, must be checked for it could be a scam, but that then immediately posts a message to point out that their belief that Nick's business is going under is based on... a random nobody saying he looses every case he is involved in in the chat of some random stream with barely any views (as in... lawyers don't get paid when they loose... I guess...).

For fuck sake, how can the bar be so low? Are those people even humans, or are they actually chimps with a computer?
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Sac Anime deleted their tweets (and guest announcements) after the outcry they got a few weeks ago for that swap meet. Jason Liebrecht deleted his tweet promoting the event, as did his booking agent. One of the other guests went so far as to delete her twitter for a while because she couldn't handle the heat. Sac Anime still put on their event, despite all the news articles and on the ground live reporting from a local news station. And heck, they even handed out flyers promoting Vic's upcoming appearance.

If they were going to bend the knee they would've done so. It's literally the same people who were screaming at them a month ago (+ all the pro Vic people who didn't know he would be coming too).

Vic'll be there because they obviously like money and it'll be nowhere here as contentious as what they just went through.

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This makes a lot of sense, considering the negative feedback they've received and that they haven't announce Eric Vale as another guest on their Twitter and FaceBook pages yet. As of right now, the website still lists Vic as a guest under Eric and they still have not announced Vale's appearance on their social media pages.

Hopefully SacAnime isn't going to bend the knee like you said, but I don't think they will. After all, if they felt Vic was too much of a detriment to invite, why would they hand out flyers promoting his appearance a month prior to the announcement?

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