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its simple. she paid her lawyer 1500$ to call her a fucking moron that has no leg to stand on legally, then she probably pocketed the rest of the money to buy cat food.
She ought to have just spent it on cats. After all, how will she complete her transformation into her final form as a crazy cat lady without more cats?

Hotfartz :)

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Im not even sure how old she is supposed to be at that point. could be illegal in the uk.

She is also alot better drawn and animated at that point in time.
She is 16 at the start of the journey. Like a year later at the first World Martial Arts Tournament, Krillin and Goku claim they are 13 and 12 respectively. At least thats what they claim in the english dub.


I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this, but Vic said in his latest stream he is going to be appearing at two more events:
Super WorldCon San Jose:
Official Websites: https://superworldcon.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/superworldcon/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Super-World-Con-263376791211120/?modal=admin_todo_tour

and is going to a signing at a mall in Jacksonville, North Carolina at the end of May. Can anyone get info on this?

UPDATED Remaining Vic Appearances List in 2019:
Puerto Rico Comic Con (May 17-19) [This Weekend]
The Neutral Zone Fan Weekend (May 24-26)
Signing at Jacksonville, North Carolina: TBA (Sometime at the end of May, in a mall)
Savannah Mega Comic Con (June 8-9)
Anime Matsuri (June 13-16)
Super WorldCon San Jose (June 28-30) [Vic revealed it, the site is not updated to reflect it. Look for official announcement]
Bubba Fest (August 23-25)
HawaiiCon (September 26-29)


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Things to take from this stream.

1. Soye is fucked harder than Africa. Galaxy brained schemes are completely laid out in beautiful text form. This applies not only to KC, but other cons involved with canceling Vic as well.

2. Daman Mills and Sarah Wiedenheft copy pasted cancellation statements in email to KC, lived together and are complicit in conspiracy to breach contract because of Vic's appearance.

3. Two entries to "shit we already know" - entertainers are assholes, and don't fuck costhots. Wise words of a sperg.

4. Cody is a furfag with a comic and a dead youtube channel, and can't be relied upon to produce accurate information in a timely manner.

5. There's an hour long part of the video where you can black out and be better for it. TLDR: Cody hates ISWV youtubers for being clickbaity and money-grifting. Big deal. Just watch Rackets.

6. Nick dropped some naughty words when Pedofection reared its ugly face late into the stream.

7. I'm glad to be a Kiwi.

Anything else?
Reposting here for ease of access and less autism.

Pedro Sanchez


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Hey Lynzee, want to know what's sadder?

When you work with a bunch of cucks into the future you just described in your #metoo story and the community still has to deal with their shit today as they become adults. Oh, and you don't deal with that, and instead guide your blame onto others who don't deserve it.

I've read shit on weeb stories on Tumblr that were more terrifying than this. Get a real job, Loveridge.


Seems believable, but this really just fits into the assessment that many of these women had bad experiences with men in their formative years, either with their father or an abusive first boyfriend, and never appropriately came to terms with it. Content to just harbor their angst at ALL men in general. Makes it easier to trash the life of some dude you barely know if you just assume he's bad because of whats between his legs.


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So, I just finished reading in on the whole WeebWars. The only real question I have is the following: Is it too much to hope that a conservative Texas court orders the stupid be waterboarded out of these jackasses with Kerosene? It seems to me that the defendants' primary experience with any legal system is rules lawyering D&D 3E. I can't help but think that in older times this case would be solved with an exorcist rather than a court.

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