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Really don't see a reason for anyone to be proud of putting cutesy acrostics directed at an unrelated, third party into official documents. Considering that "someone" pointed this out to lardass, they really thought this was clever and a great use of time/energy.
Can you imagine the hourly rate that was paid to do...this? I’m also thinking this is not the sort of childish thing you want the Judge or opposing council to notice within hours of your filing? Because it reflects poorly on you. Marchi already looks like an immature idiot to the judge from her “Nyah Nyah you can’t serve me!” Bullshit. You have to figure any oral presentation from Ty Beard will use the descriptor “middle School ?Mean Girls Bullshit” to put everything in perspective if front of the Judge. And once he hears it, you know it will stick. Because it sums up all the petty assed bullshit.

If anything I suspect this increases the chances that Funi immediately settles if their TCPA fails. There is way too much potential exposure and financial risk coming from their co-defendants legal teams. You don’t want to be saddled with these clowns and you sure as shit don’t want to be writing the big check at the end for their stupidity.


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I thought Jadolf not using the word 'allegedly' in his deposition questions to Vic was funny. Him outright stating, "MoRonica defamed Vic, but not in a way that could justify damages" in their TCPA filing almost made me pass out laughing.

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That made me think of this El-P song. The whole thing is fitting to this situation.
1:24 for the relevant verse.


I think we've all already established that she thinks this is a joke and doesn't take this seriously.
What if the defendant wanted it and the lawyer told them to wright it up so they just stuck it in where it seemed to fight while also not realizing it (while reaching tbh) it could also say "lt's a conspiracy."

Is there any repercussion for using a legal filing where you literally put something completely useless and r.etarded as this in there?

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Cockminique Sleeve really trying to get that "uguu notice me senpai uguu" from Chuck Huber.

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Poor Chuck is going to get run out of the industry too by these useless sacks of shit, I hope Vic fighting back is just the start of the great cleansing.

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Ummm, no. Not good enough?

Does he not realize that the dates overlap?
Then why are they filing the TCPA then, boss? If they wanted it all in public record?
This is Lemoine’s 8+ months. He expects to lose the TCPA and appeal it. Bogging things down for almost a year.
Don’t know why. It’s kinda clear that La Choy and Rial are running low on money for this if they’re going to continue to make Frankenstein-esque filings like this.

Monica only has like 6 credits for 2019. And some of those were likely recorded last year.

Granted I dont know what is a normal dubber production but the year is half over and it appears shes working much less than the last couple years.
Rial did infer in her deposition that she hasn’t done much work lately.

Marzgurl's gfm demonstrates they talk with their keyboards but not with their wallets.
Or their actions. ArmzGurl didn’t do jack shit with that money. She got money for stuff she probably could have found out for free.

Is this guy trying to dox Vic or something?


Well I'm definitely commenting on that one once I have internet connection again. However...it will identify me here. Not that I don't trust people here. But I don't trust them (kickvic).

What's the worst that can happen though? Some total shitheads mad at Chuck Huber for trying to help are going to doxx me? Whatever.

Are any of you responding to this thot? Her twitter name is disgusting. This fucking bitch wants him dead.

Edit: Oh, i guess I can't because I'm not her friend. Man what i wouldn't give to hear Ron say "fuck that guy" in his sissy voice. Ha ha.
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I figured Stan would be confused and probably wanna get out of this, but he is very pissed for being namedropped and is actively against the KV brigade....I like it.


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I figured Stan would be confused and probably wanna get out of this, but he is very pissed for being namedropped and is actively against the KV brigade....I like it.
I'm just waiting for someone to pull a Dee Snider and drag the court further into hilarity. If no one gets the reference, Dee Snider eloquently shit talked Tippi Gore while drunk.
When does all of PULL start screaming about Vic raping them in their dreams?
Knowing PULL, they are doing that right now.
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I figured Stan would be confused and probably wanna get out of this, but he is very pissed for being namedropped and is actively against the KV brigade....I like it.
Can’t really blame the guy.

Monica arrogantly believed that Stan had enough soy from the current year in his system, that she didn’t need to use her subpar lying skills that Matt Hullum of Cuck Teeth fell for like a total sucker and she dragged him into a legal battle where he had no involvement with Casey, or Glorious Fuhrer Lemon Party along with having next to nothing of an offer to Stan that wasn’t allowing him to join Ron in the closet, as Jamal fucks her.

Stan is the Man.

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